Do You Know The Meaning of Gemstones in Jewelry?

Natural stones are the protagonists of the jewels most loved by women: there are so many of them, in varied colors and shades. Resisting their charm is impossible, especially if you consider that each stone corresponds to a precise meaning and this is why many people choose them as gifts for their loved ones. In fact, each gem is suitable for a different personality type and is said to help the wearer overcome some difficulties and gain optimism and vitality. Here are the best known gems and the meaning of precious stones.

Gemstones: The Types and Their Meaning

What are the main precious gems used in jewelry for the production of rings, bracelets and earrings and which personalities are best suited to wear them? Among the most used we certainly find:

  • Rose Quartz: The stone for the romantic personality
  • Green Agate: suitable for the creative woman
  • White Agate: for the most balanced and zen personalities
  • Amazonite: the stone to wear for the most confident and resolute
  • Tiger's Eye: the gem that adapts to a determined personality
  • Melange Gray Quartz: a perfect stone for a reserved woman
  • Milky Aquamarine: the gem that the most thoughtful can wear
  • Smoky Quartz: the stone that suits the sunniest souls
  • Striata Agate: gem that can be worn by strong personalities
  • Malachite: a gem for natural optimists

Each precious stone, therefore, holds a symbolic value it's a deep meaning which is not always known by those who choose it.

Meaning of stones: Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Magnesite, Mother of Pearl

The meaning of precious stones lies behind their charm and beauty. The Rose Quartz for example, it is a stone widely used in jewelery making, since this mineral includes various colors used for manufacturing creation of earrings, rings and necklaces. A gem much loved for its' pale pink hue, which gives elegance and romance to every jewel worn. It is also said that rose quartz has various properties and that this stone not only helps to find the interior strenght, but stimulate the concentration and improve communication.

Always pink in colour, but also tending towards reddish Rhodonite: a stone that has ribs given by manganese oxide and which is particularly used in jewelry cabochon cut. This precious stone has countless properties like that of give optimism and energy, as well as strengthen the immune system It is increase self-esteem.

There is another precious gem that is commonly cut into cabochons: it is la Magnesite, the stone that belongs to the carbonate family. It is typically white or can be colored later to create jewelry such as earrings, bracelets or necklaces. It seems that Magnesite is not the only one encourage patience, but help keep calm causing a relaxing effect on the body.

The Mother of pearl it is said to guarantee a beneficial calming effect to the wearer: this stone constitutes the organic layer of molluscs, depositing itself in various layers in the form of a slab. In addition to stimulating calm, it seems to help inner energy and improve a woman's fertility: a bracelet with white mother-of-pearl pendant it can be a lucky charm to always keep with you.

Onyx, Lapis Lazuli and Labradorite: what you need to know about the meaning

The Onyx it is commonly used in jewelry and highly appreciated for its characteristic translucent appearance. An agate composed of a black base and a seemingly white layer promote good rest for the wearer, beyond improve hearing and self-esteem. This stone is also used for original creations with a particular design, such as in the almond cut in a necklace, to give a touch of character to the look.

The stone for creative and extroverted souls is instead Malachite, from the typical streaked green colour: in addition to protecting the psyche it seems to be a good luck charm for childbirth. And pair of Malachite earrings they are a perfect gift for those who are about to experience this important event!

A stone already used since ancient Egypt is the fascinating one lapis lazuli: with its characteristic blue color with golden specks, this stone is said to be strengthen the respiratory system and the nervous one, as well as increase self-confidence. It is so particular that it manages to enhance even the simplest jewel, such as a stud earring.

Known for its characteristic black color tending towards grey, is called the Labradorite, a stone that takes its' name from the Canadian peninsula of Labrador where it was found in 1770. This stone is widely used for creating rings it helps the wearer to relate to others improving empathy, as well as having a beneficial effect on metabolism and on patience: not bad!

The power of gems: Amethyst, Milky Aquamarine and Amazonite

Among the precious gems is the Amethyst, the most precious stone of the quartz family which finds wide use in jewelry thanks to its timeless charm. A ring with Amethyst it can be an extremely appreciated gift also for the meaning that this stone brings with it: in addition to awakening inner awareness, it seems to ward off night terrors and purify the mind. Finally, the Milky Acquamarina and the Amazonite are two stones with fascinating colours: the first tends towards bluish-white, the second tends towards a turquoise green which together with rose gold is capable of giving jewels with a strong aesthetic impact. While Aquamarine is known as the stone that helps fight anxiety and manage emotions, Amazonite is the stone of hope that relieves stress and inspires self-confidence.

The natural stones of the Bronzallure collections are all certified and used to create timeless jewels to give as gifts to have a lucky amulet with unique beauty. The simple and minimal design and the rose gold plating then restores all its value to the carefully selected stone, giving a sensual shine to the wearer.