Chiara Ferragni's Jewels at Sanremo 2023 Steal The Spotlight

Manifesto Dresses, a New Bob, and Precious Jewelry: Chiara Ferragni's Jewels at Sanremo 2023 Steal the Spotlight. 

The jewelry adorned by Chiara Ferragni at Sanremo certainly didn't go unnoticed; they added an exquisite touch to the digital entrepreneur's outfits. They were chosen with a purpose, conveying specific messages such as the fight against hatred, violence, and sexism. These important ideas found expression through the selection of necklaces, earrings, and sizable brooches in gold, elegantly paired with the designs of Dior and Schiaparelli. These jewelry pieces served as powerful symbols, aiming to raise awareness among the audience regarding these significant values.


Chiara Ferragni's Necklace at Sanremo 2023 : the bijoux worn on stage

For her appearance on the first evening at the Ariston Theater, the influencer donned an elegant black silk corolla dress by Dior, with a white shawl accentuated by an embroidered slogan 'Pensati libera' or 'Think freely'. This outfit was embellished with a tennis necklace in white and red diamonds

On the second night, she chose a long white dress with black words  embroidered, that drew attention to the sexist phrases that many women confront. To complement this outfit, she wore a tennis-style necklace with a rectangular emerald pendant with the matching set of earrings, a brilliant combination to add color to her outfit and choice to accentuate the neckline.

For the grand finale, Chiara Ferragni collaborated with Daniel Roseberry, the designer of Schiaparelli, to create a custom made gold breastplate adorned with a prominent padlock along with an impressive pair of gold earrings to match and add contrast to the royal blue dress. This design symbolized the sacredness of motherhood, the idea of freeing the body and liberate women, challenging the stereotype of women primarily as mothers.

But the necklace showcase in Sanremo didn't conclude there. During the last evening, she graced the stage in a long black velvet dress with a deep V-neckline. Her striking necklace was a bold statement piece—a thick gold necklace in the shape of a uterus, composed of various elements and parts representing the female body and reproductive system. This choice underscored her unwavering commitment to reproductive rights activism and emphasized the crucial idea that women have autonomy over their own reproductive choices. 

What are Chiara Ferragni's earrings in Sanremo 2023?

 Not only important and original necklaces, the Milanese influencer also showed off a collection of earrings that illuminated her face, further highlighting the make-up chosen for the occasion. If for prime time you bet on glittering pendants with colored stones, with an amber and blue hue, combined with the Dior dress covered in rhinestones, for the final she showed off a column dress in shades of gold and blue, which refers to the artist Yves Klein, choosing a maxi earring always in the gold version, as well as the lobe bijoux worn together with the uterus necklace signed by Daniel Roseberry.

Bronzallure gold and Golden Rose jewels for special events

Chiara Ferragni's choice of visually striking and impactful jewelry with a contemporary design not only elevates her outfits but also conveys an inspiring message. Whether in classic gold tones or the soft allure of pink, these pieces have the transformative power to enhance any look, be it for everyday simplicity or the most romantic and unforgettable occasions.

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