Summer 2022 Jewelry: Long necklaces and Pendant Earrings

The long necklace returns in summer 2022 and embellishes the day and evening look. Simple with special pendants or stones, worn with dangling earrings it is a must for the season.

Among the must-have accessories for summer 2022, the long necklace stands out as an essential choice for elevating your neckline with a touch of golden elegance. Whether you're headed to the office or enjoying a romantic dinner, it adds a precious touch to your look. How to combine it? The possibilities are endless and a lot depends on your taste. Versatile in style, this jewel satisfies everyone, from the most sporty to the elegant. To illuminate the face and the gaze, there is also the dangling earrings: in gold, silver or rose gold plating. These are the perfect match to the long pendant necklaces perhaps for any special occasion. Here are some looks to draw inspiration from to choose the perfect combinations for your summer. 

Long Necklaces with Stones: Refinement and Style for Your Daytime Look

Whether it's a summer top or a simple blouse for the office, the long necklaces with natural stones are a good idea if you wish to embellish your look. One possibility for a modern style that follows the latest trends is to layer your necklaces, one over the other, by combining them with long necklaces with pendants. This allows for original combinations at a  variety of lengths. For example, you can choose between three-strand rosary necklaces: fine and colourful, they are suitable for daytime, but also perfect for combining with a slip dress in the evening or with a bare back. If you love natural stones, you can choose from an array of colors that give character to your style.

Styling Your Dangling Earrings

During the summer season, hair is frequently pulled back, and the warmth and tan make us prefer an open, unobstructed face. Why not opt for earrings that compliment your face and illuminate your complexion? Long necklaces, whether adorned with stones, charms, or unique pendants, effortlessly pair with dangling earrings for a daytime look. This combination will add expressiveness to your gaze and further accentuate your eyes! You can choose for example Rose gold plated drop earrings with chain and pearl, where the classicism of a jewel like the pearl whose elegance never fades meets a modern and sophisticated design. Another option includes our dangle earrings with two-tone stone which are an excellent choice for those who love a refined and sophisticated style, ideal for a work meeting or lunch with friends.

How to wear jewelry for summer 2022 in the evening

Unlike the day, the evening requires a more careful study of the jewellery: the choice should not be underestimated, since a jewel can often make your look take an unexpected turn, making that forgotten dress in the wardrobe that you weren't wearing perfect. for years. So what to choose to not go unnoticed during the summer holidays, but without losing refinement and elegance? As for the day, there are many possibilities for the evening too, all that remains is to choose first and foremost based on the dress because be careful: not everything can be combined with long necklaces!


collana lunga con pietre naturali oro rosa

Long Necklaces: What to Pair with Them on a Summer Evening

Do you have that long necklace you've been eyeing for a while, but you're unsure how to stylishly pair it with an outfit? Consider pairing it with a timeless silk dress, exuding freshness and elegance, or try it with palazzo trousers and a tasteful and chic low-cut top.

Below are some suggestions for choosing when to wear the long necklace:

  • Bandeau dress: leaves the neck exposed and puts the spotlight on your neckline;
  • Turtleneck dress or top : with this garment the long necklace can easily stand out, enhancing even the most sober look;
  • A dress with a bare back.

When opting for a long necklaces, it is always better to avoid dresses or tops with boat or round neckline. For more elegant occasions such as events, romantic dinners or weddings it is suggested, for example, the long necklaces with pendants: those with natural stones and thin chain, are perfect for making even a sober and simple look special and elegant.


orecchini pendenti pietra naturale  bicolor

Evening Look: How to Choose Dangling Earrings    

Now that you have chosen the right outfit to match your long necklace, all that remains is to opt for a precious earring that will make your summer evenings shine! The tennis dangle earrings are perfect for illuminating your face and making your tanned complexion sparkle. Among the most appreciated jewels in the world, this setting is refined, sober but extremely elegant, capable of making even the simplest look unique.

Now that you know the latest trends and how to style some of the new key jewelry pieces for summer 2022, all you have to do is choose yours you long necklace and matching earrings on the Bronzallure website. If you're looking to treat yourself to something truly special, our collection also offers sets and parures. Simply select the one that complements your summer ensemble best and you are ready to go!