Stones and Gold Jewelry: Can The Sea Water Damage Them?

Taking care of your jewelry means keeping it clean and shiny. Typically during the summer, we tend to forget to take them off when we go swimming in the sea or in the pool, and this inattention can cost us dearly! This is why maintenance of our jewelry is crucial! There are many factors that influence their brilliance: from salty sea water, to chlorine in the swimming pool, also protective creams and sunlight. There are some good habits to adopt that can keep your jewelry looking gorgeous and sparkling. We've curated some suggestions and precautions to follow when wearing your rings, bracelets and earrings on the beach! 

What Ruins Gold : Chlorine & Salt Water

If a jewel is treated correctly it remains beautiful and shiny for longer. In the summer, chlorine from the pool and salt water from the sea can corrode the jewels and increase the risk of ruining them. Even noble metals, such as gold, red platinum and silver, can be affected if in prolonged contact with these agents. For example, if you wear necklaces, earrings and rings when swimming, they can lose their color. Even the most delicate gemstones such as amethyst, malachite, quartz and tourmaline, they can be completely ruined if taken to the swimming pool or the sea because they can tarnish and become less shiny. Even pearls, for example, are very delicate and that is why it is necessary to be careful to prevent them from losing their beauty.

What Are The Types Of Jewelry To Wear By The Sea?

Low-value jewelry such as trendy items made of plastic or acetate can be taken to the beach, since they don't get ruined. When it comes to gold and rose gold plated jewelry it is essential to pay attention: they may suffer the effects of oxidizing agents specifically from salt water, limestone, creams, perfumes and all chemical products, including sunlight. Humidity, for example, can cause some damage: the water that remains on the surface, in fact, can tarnish them as can sunscreens which create a "film" making them opaque. For this reason it is always better not to wear them on the beach, but keep them in the jewelry box and show them off on a summer evening when there will no longer be any agents that ruin their brilliance! Sweat can also be a factor that may deteriorate jewelry in summer. For this reason it is better to limit yourself to wearing some jewelery in the evening, when the sun is not scorching. Pearls, for example, being composed of an organic material, are very sensitive to sweat: the acidity of this substance, in fact, can ruin them and dull the mother-of-pearl, making it less shiny. The same thing can also happen with silver or gold-plated jewelry.

Jewels At The Seaside: What To Do With Precious Items On The Beach

First of all, if it's possible it is always better not to go to the beach with your jewelry: not only will this way you avoid ruining your precious items, but you won't have to deal with white tan lines. There are many other accessories that can be worn to complete and enhance the outfit such as hats, headbands and colored sarongs! However, if you can't help but wear them, avoid long swims and dives: continuous impacts with chlorine or salt water, will damage the welds, especially on delicate jewels such as rings with certain settings, for example the solitaire. Also, when you get out of the water it's always good wash them with warm running water in order to remove stubborn dirt. They can also be scrubbed with a soft-bristled toothbrush and then dried well. There are some precious stones (and even pearls!) which however should not be soaked, but cleaned with a simple and soft dry cloth. It is important to remember all these steps: it would be a shame to ruin an important piece of jewelry due to a simple oversight!

Now that you know all the tricks to keep your gold-plated jewelry bright and shiny, especially on the beach, all that remains is to choose the right piece or set for your summer from the Bronzallure shop. Remember though... it's always better to take a dip without your jewels to preserve their brilliance!