Jewelry for Couples: When to Give Them and How To Choose Them

How often have you searched for the perfect gift to celebrate your relationship, be it an anniversary or a cherished moment shared together?

Love is an enduring connection that continuously renews itself over time through care, desire, and the countless gestures that convey affection. A gift, immortalized in the form of jewelry, is a timeless symbol of this enduring love. That's why, on special occasions like birthdays, engagement anniversaries, or even simple moments spent together, presenting your loved one with a piece of jewelry is a profound and meaningful gesture.

Bracelet for Boyfriends: Why Choose This One

Among rings and necklaces, the bracelet stands out as one of the most versatile jewelry pieces, effortlessly complementing any outfit and requiring minimal effort to wear. In fact, more and more women are choosing to gift their boyfriend with a bracelet: as a way to feel closer to their loved one who will have a constant reminder of you wherever he is. Between Bronzallure a variety of models to choose from -  gold or golden rose, simple or with stones, mesh or rigid.

The key is to follow your taste and style, opting for timeless pieces that can effortlessly adorn an everyday look. If you believe that your boyfriend has an affinity for geometric and contemporary aesthetics, consider a bracelet with oval and round links – a genuinely original jewel featuring a 100% Italian design. Additionally, don't overlook the importance of the type of closure on the jewel; the practicality of an adjustable closure is a choice that will never steer you wrong!

Necklaces For Your Love in Gold and Golden Rose: A Romantic Token of Love

A necklace is undoubtedly an excellent alternative to a bracelet, that can also serve as a special gift to your loved one. Similar to the bracelets, there are many models of necklaces based on colors and materials to choose from. Let your taste guide your choice while taking into strong consideration the personality of the wearer of this important symbol of love. The rosary model is among the most popular trends of this year for both men and women. A variety of options exist including gold or Golden Rose chain necklaces they are perfect for those looking for an important gift that lasts forever. Without being too demanding, these necklaces recall the contemporary geometries thanks to rectangular meshes, ovals or rolls. The gold and Golden Rose alloys then give brightness and make these jewels versatile and easy to wear on any occasion. They are also perfect for sportier looks, since they have a contemporary and modern allure.

Rings to Gift to Your Love: Natural Stones and Special Settings

Choosing a ring to give to your loved one can be difficult, especially without some guidelines. First of all it is always good to remember this style and colors used from your partner. If they prefer lighter nuances and pastel shades they will tend to prefer jewelry and rings with a romantic flare. In the case that your loves wardrobe lacks in color and chooses more decisive colours, such as black and red, they will probably prefer bolder jewelry and with a rock soul. Once you have understood the colors to be guided by, all that remains is to decide which models are most suitable rings to give to your girlfriend. Among the most used you can certainly consider:

  • The cocktail model with precious or natural stone : The Bronzallure ring in Golden Rose is available in different variations of  natural stones with fascinating shades, such as Amazonite, Amethyst, Gray Quartz, Black Onyx and Lapis Lazuli. The peculiarity is the linear setting with an essential design, which highlights the stone making it the sole protagonist of the jewel.
  • The ring trilogy: a true classic that symbolizes past, present and future love, this jewel will enchant your sweetheart. The Trilogy of the Bronzallure collection has the particularity of having the 18k rose gold plating and incorporate three natural stones of undoubted beauty, such as Amethyst, Amazonite, also Gray Quartz and Hematite.
  • The solitaire ring with Cubic Zirconia. If you've been contemplating a solitaire ring for your loved one, look no further, as this choice is fail-safe. An iconic setting that elevates the brilliance of the Cubic Zirconia and adds a touch of simplicity to any ensemble. This Bronzallure model is available in both classic gold and the enchanting Golden Rose, featuring a captivating solitaire flower. With an air of sophistication and an undeniable charm, this jewel comprises a duo of 18 kt rose gold-plating : a solitaire flower adorned with glistening white Cubic Zirconia. Gifting this ring to your girlfriend will truly be a celebration of everyday radiance and elegance!

Now that you know key jewelry pieces to consider for a couple in love,  we invite you to explore the Bronzallure jewelry collection to discover which piece speaks to your heart. With a variety of options on our website, you are bound to find the perfect piece for you!