The Eternal Promise of Engagement Rings : The Meaning and Variety of Styles

A Timeless Symbol of Love: Selecting an Engagement Ring - Exploring Its Significance, Styles and Materials. 

Engagement rings have a rich and ancient history, symbolizing the promise of marriage and the deep commitment to one's partner. But why a ring? Its circular shape, without a clear beginning and end that universally signifies eternal love and fidelity. In the past, it was believed that the ring finger had a direct connection to the heart, aligning with the heart, which is why the ring was traditionally worn on the left hand. In the Middle Ages, women were traditionally presented with a ring by their suitors as a commitment to marriage, and it was deemed inappropriate to wear such a ring solely for decorative purposes.

So, what's the reason behind gifting an engagement ring? Its significance lies in the announcement of the upcoming wedding and in the traditional sense, it's the man who chooses and presents this precious symbol to his beloved. 

The Significance Behind an Engagement Ring

With the engagement ring a date is set on which the vows are pronounced wedding promises. The right choice is always to consider a ring that reflects the tastes and personality of the woman who receives it. A bride, for example, who loves to celebrate her wedding with simplicity, will certainly not appreciate a jewel that is too sumptuous, but perhaps a more refined and elegant object. Etiquette dictates that the ring should be delivered one year before the wedding date, even if there is no real fixed rule on this. 

Types of Engagement Rings: Materials and Styles

The tradition of the diamond engagement ring can be traced back to the Victoria era, but it was during the modern age that the De Beers family, renowned leaders in the diamond industry, initiated a significant advertising campaign in 1938. Supported by Hollywood actresses and singers, this campaign gained momentum. In 1948, copywriter Frances Gerety coined the iconic slogan "A diamond is forever," further solidifying this tradition on a global scale. 

Seal your love with non other than the gold ring with a diamond: the Eternal ring, is made of 9k rose gold and its external curvature contains a bright, symbol of pure and lasting love. The rose gold color is increasingly associated with the concept of love, and this sentiment is not limited to younger women. In comparison to yellow and white gold, rose gold exudes originality and sophistication, lending an extra layer of romance and elegance to the jewelry. Surprisingly, not everyone necessarily favors diamonds; some individuals also appreciate the captivating colors and facets of natural stones such as amethyst, quartz, and prasiolite. Amethyst, with its majestic purple hue, symbolizes the purity of the spirit, while quartz represents life and energy. Prasiolite, distinguished by its enigmatic green shade, remains a stone wrapped in mystique and allure. The meaning of these stones make it even more suitable for such an important jewel. If your loved one is also mesmerized by the magic of natural stones, you can choose the 9 carat gold solitaire with square stone, cushion cut and "mosaic" faceting.

Traditionally, Where Do We Wear An Engagement Ring?

Stemming from its profound value, it is important to note where to wear the engagement ring. Etiquette, in this sense, follows a very specific ancient tradition, which links the position of this ring to that of the band wedding ring. According to tradition, the engagement ring should be worn up until the wedding day in the same position as the wedding ring (ring finger of the left hand) and then should be moved to the ring finger on the right hand immediately before the wedding ceremony. In any case, whether it is the right hand or the left, the engagement ring should always be worn on the ring finger. In ancient times, it was thought that this finger was connected to the heart through the "Vena Amoris", otherwise known as the "Vein of Love". It is a widespread custom, once the wedding has been celebrated, to wear both rings on the same finger of the left hand.

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