Unveiling The Brilliance: Exploring Dazzling Large Stone Rings - Metal, Colors, and Gem Varieties

The charm of a ring never fades: this jewel is among the most popular when it comes to a romantic or thoughtful gift and promise to your loved one. There are different types, colors and materials of rings. Gold is certainly among the most used precious metal to create this jewel and can come in a variety of colors :

  • White Gold;
  • Yellow Gold ;
  • Golden Rose (rose gold)


Three distinct variations that cater to both formal and sporty ensembles, and when paired with natural, vibrant stones, they have the power to elevate your attire to a whole new level.


Allow me to offer some guidance on selecting a Bronzallure ring featuring a large stone in a stunning gold and Golden Rose finish. These two variations of the same piece have been meticulously crafted to impart a unique sense of elegance and significance to the wearer.

A Ring with Large Gold Stone: Choosing Between Yellow Gold and Rose Gold

When selecting a ring adorned with a substantial gold stone, the choice between yellow gold and rose gold may pose a delightful dilemma.

The maxi and bold version of this ring effortlessly seizes attention, elevating your appearance from the utmost refinement to the most casual settings. To enhance this jewel further, it's gold that stands out as the metal of choice, bestowing a touch of unparalleled elegance and refinement.

For individuals who lean towards a classic style, yellow gold reigns as the ultimate choice, particularly when paired with a lavish pavé of Cubic Zirconia. This combination yields a jewel of sleek and modern design. On the other hand, if you're in search of a piece that exudes a fresher and more romantic appeal, Golden Rose will infuse your ring with a unique and refined charm. It's the perfect choice if you have a penchant for stepping outside the conventional boundaries, all while maintaining a keen sense of taste and elegance.

Furthermore, with the shades and brightness of natural stones, your jewelry will be even cooler!

Ring With Large Natural Stones in Gold 

Gold rings with large stone are available with different natural and precious stones of different colors and materials. Below, a list of some of the most requested:

  • Amethyst;
  • Quartz of various types;
  • Prasiolite;
  • Onyx;
  • Cubic Zirconia

Rings With Large Stones: Timeless, Elegant and Refined

Trilogy, solitaire and with pavè: the range of Bronzallure rings is full of timeless creations capable of giving elegance and refinement to those who wear them. Typically the Golden Rose tone combined with natural stones make for an impressionable and memorable piece to complete your outfit. Don't know which ring with large stone to choose? Here are the most loved models from the Bronzallure collection:

  • The solitaire ring in Golden Rose with natural stones is a great classic, but its charm conquers everyone. It's about the precious Bronzallure solitaire ring, available with different stones, such as Rose De France Amethyst, Lemon Quartz and Prasiolite.

In 18 Kt rose gold, the double prong of the frame and the square or rectangular cushion cut with "mosaic" facet make this ring particular and sophisticated, with attention to every detail.

  • The ring with a maxi square stone. Easy to wear and practical, but original and in a maxi version. The golden rose ring with square stone is capable of transforming every look, making it unforgettable.

18kt rose gold plated, this jewel will accompany you throughout the day and combine with a formal and more glamorous style. As a set natural stone you can choose between the very bright and faceted ones: Black Onyx, Crystal Quartz, Gray Quartz, Rose Quartz, Red Quartz and finally Smoky Quartz. 


Infinite shades for a stone that illuminates, captures attention and perfect to combine with the other jewels in the Bronzallure collection!


  • Ring with faceted stone and pavé. And play of volumes and light which combines the color of natural stone with the refinement of the Golden Rose Bronzallure alloy. This is the ring with faceted stone and pavé: with a square shape, the bijoux is embellished with a rich pavé on the sides of Cubic Zirconia on the sides. A perfect ring for the most special occasions!


  • The trilogy ring with stones and pearls. Together with the solitaire, the Trilogy ring is one of the classic jewels loved by all generations of women. Elegant, feminine and with timeless flare.


The trilogy ring is often used as engagement jewel or to celebrate important occasions such as a wedding anniversary and birthday specifically for its' meaningful and romantic significance. Each stone symbolizing the past, present, and future of a relationship. They represent the different stages in the couple's journey, making it a fitting choice to celebrate the commitment shared between a couple. 

In the Bronzallure collection the Trilogy Felicia ring presents a base in Golden Rose 18k rose gold plated and incorporates three natural stones. For those who cannot give up the charm of pearls, the Trilogy with stones and pearls instead it contains luminous freshwater spheres and faceted rose quartz.

In short, Bronzallure rings combine the color of the large stone with the brightness of Golden Rose, an alloy capable of giving refinement and originality to every creation.

Now that you know the most popular models in the collection, we invite you to consult our shop to choose the ring that best suits your style. Remember, Bronzallure creations are not only practical in wear, they enhance every outfit!