Special women's rings under the tree: chevalier and pavé

The ring is undoubtedly among the most loved jewels to wear under the tree. Symbol of love and elegance, it can be the ideal gift to give to your wife or girlfriend, but also to your best friend or, why not, to yourself!

The models of Bronzallure rings There are many to choose from, but why not opt for one shiny jewelry to match with the elegant and sophisticated outfits chosen for the parties?

The special women's rings they manage to impress everyone due to their versatility, but among the most popular are undoubtedly the knight e i paved. Resisting their charm is almost impossible and we will explain why!

The chevalier ring: the story of an ancient jewel, symbol of power

The history of this jewel is very ancient and its symbolic value is one of the highest in the history of jewellery. In the past, in fact, due to its flattened shape it was used as a seal and demonstrated the nobility of the person who owned it, being passed down from father to son, from generation to generation.

Today this ring is a timeless jewellery and genderless, but its aesthetic impact makes it one of the most popular among particular rings for women. Traditionally this ring was worn by women on the little finger of the left hand and by men on the ring finger, but naturally today this custom has been lost.

How to choose a ring for a particular woman: pavé to shine

This setting is one of the most loved by all women, since it is able to enhance any jewel. Among the particular rings perfect for giving as gifts at Christmas, those with a pavé setting are always an excellent idea, especially if the person receiving the gift likes to shine.

The “pavé” frame its name derives from French and this term can be translated as "paved", precisely to describe the expected arrangement of the stones. Typically these are diamonds or precious stones that are placed close to each other, so as to cover the metal on which they are found. To characterize this ring are multiple rows of small gems which, arranged together, increase the brightness of the jewel, making the stones appear larger in size.

Women's gold rings to give as gifts: Bronzallure pavé and chevalier rings

There is no shortage of them in the Bronzallure collection chevalier rings and pavé settings perfect as gifts and ideal for making the person to whom you want to dedicate a special thought shine with light. You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing models capable of reflecting the character of the person who will wear it:

  • He bicolor knight And the perfect ring for those who love the romantic and delicate allure, characteristic of the rose gold plated jewels of the Bronzallure collection. The charm of this ring is its two-tone composition: it is possible, in fact, to choose between white pearl and magnesite, a gem with a typical blue color and red fossil wood for a bolder look.


  • The two tone pavé anello knight: this jewel, however, is ideal for those who want to combine the elegance of the chevalier with the brilliance of pavé, thanks to the double seal with pavé in cubic zirconia or black spinel and semiprecious stone.


  • The pavé groumetta ring and the bijoux for those who want to amaze, shine and feel beautiful wearing a creation that releases light and femininity. Thanks to its Golden Rose mesh and Cubic Zirconia pavé, this jewel is refined and essential, perfect for wearing on all occasions.


  • The band ring with pavé star: this jewel it's the perfect gift for those who love details! This band ring in Golden Rose, 18k rose gold plated, is enriched with a star-shaped detail in cubic zirconia that will certainly not make you go unnoticed!


  • The maxi square pavé ring: if you love geometries and rings in maxi versions, this jewelry it's the one for you. With its captivating and contemporary shape and the rich luminous pavé in Cubic Zirconia, this ring gives style and elegance to the wearer, without losing comfort and versatility. You can wear it both to go to work and to dinner with friends. If you then wear it together with other jewels from the Bronzallure collection you will shine even more!

Now that you know what the particular women's rings from the Bronzallure collection are, all that remains is consult our shop to choose the model to put under the tree and surprise the one you love or give yourself a nice gift. On holidays, what's better than shining and pampering yourself with your favorite accessories?