Women's engagement ring: meaning, types of rings

How to choose the engagement ring, its meaning, the models and the materials to have a jewel symbol of a love that lasts over time

The engagement ring has a story that dates back to antiquity and is a symbol of the promise of marriage which expresses dedication towards its partner. But why just a ring? Rotondo, without a beginning and an end, this jewel universally covers the symbol of eternal love and fidelity. Once it was believed that the ring finger had a direct connection with the heart and for this reason the ring was worn in the left hand , which corresponds to the part of the heart. In the Middle Ages then, the women received a ring from their suitors as a promise of marriage and for this it was forbidden to wear this jewel for pure pleasure. So why give the engagement ring? The meaning is to announce marriage and is traditionally chosen by man as a gift for his beloved.


The meaning of the women's engagement ring

with the engagement ring a date is set in which the marriage promises are pronounced . The right choice is always to consider a ring that reflects the tastes and personality of the woman who receives it. A bride, for example, who loves to celebrate his wedding with sobriety and simplicity, will certainly not appreciate a too sumptuous jewel, but perhaps a more refined and particular object. The bon ton then wants the delivery of the ring to arrive a year before the wedding date, even if there is no real fixed rule on this.


types of engagement rings, materials and models

The tradition of the ring of engagement with diamond dates back to the Victorian era, but in the contemporary age it is the De Beers family who, world leader in the diamond trade, in 1938 started a great campaign advertising with the support of Hollywood actresses and singers. In 1948 Copywriter Frances Gerety created the famous slogan "A diamond is forever" which spread even more this tradition all over the world.

This is why to seal your love there is no better thing than to donate a gold in gold With diamond : the eternlle fedin, for example it is made of 9k rose gold and in its external crosses it contains a brilliant , a symbol of pure and lasting love. The rose gold then is increasingly loved and not only by the youngest: compared to yellow gold and white gold, it gives originality and refinement, making this jewel even more romantic and sophisticated. It will seem strange, but not necessarily likes diamonds: there are those who also appreciate the color and facets of the natural stones, as amethyst, quartz and meadows. If the amethyst with its purple color represents the purity of the spirit, the quartz symbolizes life and energy, while the prasolite with Its characteristic green color is a stone still surrounded by mystery and charm. Their meaning, then, makes these stones even more suitable for such an important jewel as an engagement ring. If your beloved is also hypnotized by the magic of natural stones, it is possible to choose for example the 9 -carat gold lonely with square stone , cushion cut and" mosaic "facet.


Where to wear the women's engagement ring according to tradition?

In addition to tradition, precisely for its deep value, it is important to know where to wear the engagement ring. The etiquette, in this sense, follows an ancient ancient tradition, which links the position of this ring to that of the true wedding faith . If you intend, then, follow the tradition, the engagement ring should occupy, until the wedding day, the same position as the faith (ring of the left hand) to then move on to the ring finger of the right hand immediately before the ceremony. In any case, whether it is the right hand or left, the engagement ring should always be brought to the ring . In antiquity, in fact, it was thought that this finger was connected to the heart by the "vena amoris". It is a widespread custom, once the wedding is celebrated, to wear both rings on the same finger of the left hand.

Now that you know all the details on the deep meaning of the engagement ring, you just have to choose on the bronzallure shop the perfect jewel for your sweet half, that knows how to fully reflect his femininity and taste. The Eterelle collection is composed, in fact, by jewels with semi-precious stones and from above Symbolic value, such as Amethyst, Topaz, Quartz and Prasolite. Thanks to the unique and original design and the quality of the materials and natural stones carefully selected, you certainly cannot make mistakes, thus giving a ring born to stay eternal and leave a mark beyond the time.


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