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Both the animal and floral kingdom provides wonderful imagery and hints that jewelry often turns into unforgettable, unique creations: the bees are our sources of inspiration for real lucky charms that you’ll love to wear because of their meaning and story. Each of us uses symbols, both in daily life and in dreams: our Atelier picks the most meaningful images and symbols we like to use everyday in clothing, decoration and accessories. The Lira coin from the Bronzallure collection featuring genuine gemstones and Golden Rosè relies on a mythical coin with a stylized bee on the front and the image of an olive tree on the back: it celebrates a rare Italian coin from 1953 then resumed for collection purposes only in the following years. We present it as a lucky charm, because we like what it represents. Whether it is to promote a kingdom or an anniversary, to celebrate its real value as a gift for a special occasion or for the natural beauty of their design, incorporating coins into jewelry is a recurring fashion: as an evergreen from our Atelier, we present our coin necklace with bees and coordinated jewelry incorporating a rare version of the Italian Lira, surrounded by genuine stones such as agate and black spinel, mother of pearl or a simple and elegant frame in rose gold plated Golden Rosè.

Bronzallure’s Bee Brings Joy and Optimism
The Bronzallure charm jewelry designs combine the coins with the Lira bee pattern, for the ultimate elegance in a contemporary key as in the Lira ring with bee, the iconic design of this collection: rotating, it has a naturally hypoallergenic, comfortable design. The bee of this jewel was coined to represent the efforts of the post-war period: for this reason our Atelier deisgned an entire collection as a tribute to strenght, inspired by years of optimism and hard work. Let's find out the meanings of this symbol literally reverred in jewelry. Diligent, organized, industrious, the bee is the female animal par excellence: it combines generosity with a strong character. Queen bee, honey bee and a symbol of purity, its way of life embodies complexity; It has been featured for centuries in figurative arts and is one of the most cherished subjects in jewelry. A non-stop celebration of the bee, to the point that for some years it has even deserved a spring day celebration, for the role it plays in preserving our natural ecosystem. Discover the earrings with Lira coin with bee and mother-of-pearl; a modern design, ideal with the Lira coordinated bangle bracelet: minimal and contemporary design for bijoux full of charm and good luck meanings.

Unforgettable Bee and Coin Dangle Earrings

Meticulous design, a refined little bee on the lobe and a pendant chain in bright black spinel and naturally hypoallergenic and nickel-free Golden Rose frame: the dangling bee earrings with coin make for an unforgettable bijoux, incorporating all the mastery of Italian savoir faire of the jewelry tradition. Precious, refined, unique they are ideal with both all of your summer and autumn looks; combine them with the Golden Rose and black spinel designs available on our e-commerce. Choose the oval design version of the Lira oval earrings with Bee with their very feminine design, in a rich 18 Karat rose gold plated frame: the lobe detail features a black spinel micropave, with its bright shades in intense and sparkling black. All of Bronzallure jewelry are designed by our Atelier anticipating the trends, and they are meticulously made in Italy by our master goldsmiths. They incorporate genuine natural gemstones selected by Bronzallure’s gemologists. Our designs are based on the intuition of a patented proprietary 18-karat rose gold-plated alloy for the ultimate femininity: discover the charm of our unique Golden Rose with creations that are as easy as accessories and as precious as jewels: lucky charms with coin and coordinated designs incorporate select hard stones and can be matches with the many genuine gemstone designs available on our ecommerce.

Red Agathe and Black Spinnel for a Modern Design

Last but not least, the Lira Bee hive necklace from the coin jewelry capsule collection incorporates black spinels or red agate, in very refined nuances and skilled cuts: a double circular-shaped pendant with graphic beehive and Lira coin is combined with a bee meticulously represented and enriched by luminous jewel details. The necklace is perfect alone or in a set with matching earrings and bracelet, for a contemporary elegance that only such simple yet refined jewelry allows to both wear and match, or just gift. Match the necklace to the genuine gemstone bee bracelet. Indulge in the bee symbol and the history of the original Lira coin of this collection, discover our online gallery offering the Bronzallure jewelry collections in Golden Rose, with simple frames or selected and expertly cut genuine gemstones, in a wide variety of charms and lucky animals for a contemporary look, just a click away.

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