Necklaces with pearls and particular rings among the 2023 women's trends

The trends jewelry woman 2023 speak for themselves: for the next season the necklaces with colored beads and special women's rings, like the cocktail model with colored natural stone.

The classic bijoux never set, but are constantly reinterpreted with new geometries, materials and avant-garde motifs that make them come back in vogue, in a new light. Thus, the pearl, point of light par excellence and symbol of elegance for entire generations, returns to embellish total black looks with a rock flavor and sartorial lines for ultra-chic dresses.

Here, all the ideas on the new trends of the year, to be exploited for the purchase of your next bijoux.

With classic or casual outfits, like wearing pearl necklaces

Rebellious with long black dresses with a minimal line or with elaborate fabrics such as lace and silk, but also casual and elegant for the office, with jacket and trousers in neutral colors and pastel tones: pearls are the symbol of elegance par excellence . Loved by stars and actresses of the past, they are back among the jewelry trends for women in 2023 giving light and charm to the wearer.

In a crew neck version, or long to be worn over colorful sweaters in winter and knitted tops in summer, this evergreen can be worn with great ease from morning to night, since it is one of the most versatile bijoux.

Thanks to the ever-changing nuances that the pearl gives, this accessory will never go out of fashion, but on the contrary: it will always be able to restore charm and a sophisticated charm to those who decide to wear it: the important thing is to choose the most suitable model for your wardrobe, without forgetting that the jewel in addition to enhancing us must also be practical and comfortable, just like a dress.

To each her own style: bijoux with classic pearls or necklaces with colored beads?

To choose the Bronzallure accessory that best suits your wardrobe, it is important to consider the occasions in which you will have to wear the necklace. In the evening, better a round neck with pearls, with 18-karat rose gold-plated rolò chain, perfect to be combined with a dress with a wide neckline to illuminate the décolleté and enhance the neck.

This creation can be easily combined with a earring with oval pearl and rose quartz, a jewel with a romantic flavor that will illuminate the face, enhancing the most special hairstyles, but also naturally loose hair.

For more casual and formal looks, like the jacket to wear to the office, instead, you can opt for one long necklace  and elements in Golden Rose: freshwater pearls, in fact, give a touch of charm and elegance that is perfect for any occasion, even the most special one.

Special rings for women 2023: it is the return of natural stones

When it comes to rings, there are those who prefer a minimal cut, such as the solitaire, where the stone shines in all its particularity, and those who instead want to aim for a design built on intertwining, overlapping and symmetries. In the Bronzallure collection there is room for all tastes: subtle and embellished with small gems of light or in a bold version with particular spheres and geometries, the rings in the collection are perfect for any look, from the simplest to the most sophisticated and thanks to the metal Nickel-free and hypoallergenic, they are suitable for everyone.

Amazonite, Amethyst, Malachite and Rose Quartz: each stone responds to a unique color nuance, with rose gold details that make the jewel special, making the wearer shine. That's why this is the year of stones, which with their charm give magic to every look, embellishing the everyday outfit.

Se the cocktail ring with stone is the sober evergreen with a more minimal flavor, suitable for those who love little bulky and practical jewels to wear, the multi-strand ring with CubicZirconia it is a dive into the brilliance, capable of mixing the dynamism of the interweaving of the design with the brightness of the stones for a special jewel capable of immediately capturing attention.

For those who want to be conquered by the charm of the pearl and its candid shades, here it is the Trilogy ring with rose quartz and pearls freshwater, a romantic and refined jewel perfect to combine with the other coordinated bijoux from the Bronzallure collection.

Now that you too know the new ones jewelry trends for women in 2023, stays who consult our shop to get kidnapped by the most iconic creations and taking advantage of the sales on jewels still active!

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