Jewelery for the couple, when to give them and why to choose them

From an anniversary to a special moment to remember together, how many times have you looked for a gift that could pay homage to your relationship? Love is a feeling that binds two people deeply and that over time you never stop renewing, through attention, desire and all those gestures that communicate affection and feeling. That's why when there are special occasions such as a birthday, an engagement anniversary or more simply an occasion that you want to spend together, giving jewelry for the couple can be an original idea that you won't forget.

Bracelet for boyfriends: why choose this jewel

Among the rings and necklaces, the bracelet is undoubtedly one of the most practical jewels because it goes easily with any outfit and isn't too demanding to wear. In fact, more and more women are choosing to give a bracelet for boyfriends: in this way you will always feel close to your better half who will be able to remember you even when you are far away. Among the Bronzallure models it is possible to choose various types, in gold or golden rose, simple or with stones, with links or rigid. The important thing is to be guided by taste and your own style and focus on simple models to wear even on a daily basis, without necessarily resorting to too demanding a jewel. If you love geometries and more contemporary lines you can choose, for example, a bracelet with an oval and round chain, a truly original jewel with a 100% Italian design. Even the closures are not to be underestimated: from the practical snap hook to the adjustable one, you are spoiled for choice!

Bronzallure necklaces for boyfriends in gold and Golden Rose, a romantic token of love

If the bracelet does not convince you, the necklace is undoubtedly an excellent alternative. Also in this case there are many models, colors and materials to choose from and you need to be guided by your own taste and think about the personality of whoever will have to wear this important symbol of love. If the rosary model is among the most popular trends of this year because it brings everyone together, even the gold or golden rose chain necklaces are the perfect jewel for those looking for an important gift that should never tire. Without being too demanding, these necklaces recall contemporary geometries thanks to rectangular, oval or rolò links. The gold and golden rose alloys then give brightness and make these jewels versatile and easy to wear on any occasion. They are also perfect for sportier looks, since they have a contemporary and modern allure.

Rings to give to your girlfriend, between natural stones and essential settings

If for him the perfect jewels to give away recall geometries and essential lines, choosing a ring to give to your girlfriend can become difficult without some guidelines. First of all, it is always good to remember the style and colors used by your partner. If the latter prefers lighter nuances and pastel shades she will love jewels and rings with a romantic taste, while if her wardrobe does not lack dresses in darker and more decisive colours, such as black and red, he will probably prefer more audacious jewels and with a rock soul. Once you understand the colors to be guided by, all that remains is to decide which models may be more suitable as rings to give to your girlfriend. Among the most used you can certainly consider:

  • The cocktail model with precious or natural stone. This Bronzallure ring in golden rose is available with different variations of beautiful natural stones and with fascinating shades, such as Amazonite, Amethyst, Gray Quartz, Black Onyx and Lapis Lazuli. The peculiarity is the linear frame with an essential design, which highlights the stone making it the only protagonist of the jewel.
  • The trilogy ring: a true classic that symbolizes past, present and future love, this jewel will enchant your sweetheart. The Trilogy of the Bronzallure collection has the particularity of having 18K rose gold plating and incorporating three natural stones of undoubted beauty, such as Amethyst, Amazonite but also Gray Quartz and Hematite .
  • The solitaire ring with Cubic Zirconia. If you have thought of solitaire for your loved one, no doubt she will not be able to with this i be wrong. An iconic frame that makes the Cubic Zirconia shine and embellishes any look with simplicity. This Bronzallure model is available in gold and golden rose together with the model with flower solitaire and band. Sophisticated and with a unique charm, this jewel consists of a pair of 18 kt rose gold plated rings: a solitaire flower and a wedding band, both set in white Cubic Zirconia. If you give this ring to your fiancée, it will be a real triumph of everyday light and elegance!

Now that you know all the jewellery for the couple most suitable to be donated as a symbol of eternal love, all you have to do is consult the Bronzallure shop and choose the bijoux that captures your heart. Thanks to the golden and golden rose alloy and carefully selected natural stones, you will easily find the jewel that fully reflects your union!


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