Best women's bracelet watches, which ones to choose and why

A watch is an indispensable accessory for many: it must be comfortable, durable and versatile, since we often keep it on our wrist from morning to night. That's why more and more women choose the bracelet model. Elegant and understated, this watch has a thin strap which makes it perfect to be combined with more formal and sporty looks, but also with more elegant ones. How to do without the watch when you are used to wearing it all the time? With Bronzallure bracelet watches for women you can have your daily ally on your wrist without having to worry about combining it with the right clothing.

Bronzallure women's bracelet watches: here's which ones to choose

Like jewels, watches are also precious accessories capable of expressing the style of the wearer. Bronzallure watches, for example, give great value to even the smallest details and are available in different colours, precisely to meet the needs of the modern woman, who combines taste and aesthetic impact with < strong>wearability and the practicality of an accessory that can be worn on the wrist all day long. Available with the dial in two different sizes (small or normal), the Bronzallure women's bracelet watch has a practical and easy to replace colored leather strap. There are several variants of colors available from which you can choose:

  • Black dial with black leather strap: perfect for evening looks or for those who love total black, this jewel is made even more precious by the contrast with the golden rose details on the dial.
  • Blue dial with blue strap: ideal for more classic and formal outfits such as office ones, this watch is sober and very elegant.
  • Burgundy dial with burgundy leather strap: this model is designed for those who love particular women's watches, since this color makes it unique and certainly unconventional.
  • Pink dial with pink strap: if you have a romantic soul and your style is sophisticated, this jewel watch is right for you!
  • White dial with dove gray strap: contrast and sophistication make this watch the perfect choice for those who love trendy accessories.

The best women's watches, how to wear them with other bijoux

How many times have you wondered if the watch you were wearing could be matched well with the bracelet they gave you? In fact, it often happens that you fill your wrists with jewels without understanding how to combine them well with each other and end up having a too chaotic look. There are a few rules that it is good to keep in mind and adopt in order to always be elegant and match the bracelet watch with the right bracelets. If our mothers once told us that a gold jewel could not be combined with a silver one, now this rule is no longer so strict. In fact, there are jewels that mix different colors, such as rose gold and this is why a golden rose watch can be easily combined with gold or silver bracelets, the important thing is that they are finished and that match well with the watch model we have chosen. However, what we must always remember is that if we love to wear both bracelets and watches and we do it on the same wrist, the protagonist will always be our faithful companion who keeps time and he must be given the space and attention he deserves. !

Special women's watches, how to best preserve and clean them

When buying a watch, it is also important to remember that accurate maintenance is necessary to keep it at its best, without damaging the case or strap. If the latter in some models can be easily replaced, as far as the case is concerned, splinters, wear or carelessness can ruin the watch we have just given ourselves. However, there are some simple rules to follow to take care of it:

  • Clean with a soft, slightly damp, clean cloth. Subsequently, however, it is important to remember to dry it with a dry cloth so as not to leave streaks on the glass;
  • Avoid using chemicals for cleaning, such as soaps and household products;
  • do not expose the watch to environments such as high heat sources which could damage it over time;
  • Remove your watch when washing your hands or applying toilet spray, perfume or lotion. Be careful when wearing them while on the move, since their surfaces could be scratched.
  • Keep the watch away from heat sources, using boxes padded with anti-oxidation fabric and storing them in places away from humidity.

Now that you know which are the best women's watches, all that remains is to visit our Bronzallure shop to find the model and color that best suits you! Remember to pay attention when you have to keep your jewel watch: a few rules are enough to take care of it in the best possible way.

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