Hoop earrings, when to wear them and differences with other earrings

Small, medium and oversize: I'll tell you earrings in circle they are a jewel with a unique charm in its simplicity. In a thin, bold or pendant version, these earrings are much loved for their versatility and are chosen by all face types, from the roundest to the most squared ones.

Very fashionable in the 90s, thanks to stars like Jennifer Lopez, this bijoux is highly appreciated by all generations and can be worn with an elegant outfit in the mini gold version, or in rose gold, or with a more eccentric and glamorous look in bold version or with pendant.

How to choose the right hoop earrings? Simple, we explain how to follow your style and the shape of your face to find the most suitable jewel for you.

Hoop earrings: when to wear them to be elegant without exaggerating?

It is often thought that the hoop earring is only suitable for more sporty combinations, with jeans and tops or with casual dresses, but this accessory can reserve many surprises and if worn in the right way it can be very elegant.

If, for example, on the occasion of a special event you opt for total black, with a jacket and trousers or for a mini dress with an important necklace with a pendant and colored natural stone around the neck, a small circle at the lobe in rose gold or gold can be a point of light sober and minimal that illuminates the face without exaggerating, giving a chic touch to your image.

For each face its jewel: how to choose the right hoop earrings

The earrings in circle they really suit everyone, since there are different types and sizes, from the simplest and smallest ones, to the oversized ones enriched with pendants for a more sophisticated look. The hoop earring especially enhances those with an oval and elongated face, perhaps with angular features and a pronounced chin, also because thanks to the rounded shape, this accessory manages to soften the features, giving the optical effect of shortening the face.

Even the hair, then, plays an important role in choosing the right size of this earring: for lovers of trendy hairstyles, such as high tails, braids and sophisticated updos, the maxi version can be the precious idea to give the look a image even cooler, especially if you opt for the rounded version or with set gems.

If, on the other hand, you have a very short cut with a retro and vintage flavor, such as a pixiecut or a smooth geometric bob, even medium-sized hoop earrings or in the mini version can be a valid option: these accessories, in fact, will be able to give the right touch of light to the face, making the image fine and refined, just like the hairstyle chosen for the occasion.


Bronzallure hoop earrings in rose gold: femininity and style with simplicity

Who said that for a refined look and a sophisticated image you necessarily have to resort to pendants studded with precious stones? Even the simplest geometry earring, if worn with style and elegance, can completely transform the effect of the sportiest outfit.

The important thing is to know what to choose, also on the basis of your own taste and what you wear regularly. Bronzallure hoop earrings, thanks to the 18-karat rose gold plating and original design, are a graphic and essential jewel, but ideal for a refined and refined image. All you have to do is choose the one you prefer!

  • Rose Gold torchon hoop earrings: with a particular design with torchon, they are made with an electroforming technique and are light and comfortable, designed to be worn from morning to night, also in combination with the Bronzallure infinity chain line.
  • The large thin hoop earring: a great jewelery classic, suitable for both the office suit and the evening look. Thanks to the comfortable bayonet closure, it is practical and versatile.
  • Hoop earrings: medium-sized, but in a bold version, this accessory is perfect with the most extravagant looks and gives light to the face thanks to the 18-karat rose gold plating.
  • Small circle earrings: designed and handmade in Italy, these earrings are simple, but give the look a sophisticated aura. They are perfect for everyday wear.


Now that you know how and when to wear them earrings in circle to be glamorous with naturalness and spontaneity, all that remains is see our shop, to understand which model to choose for your next outfit!


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