When and where to buy cheap gold charm jewellery

The charm jewels are more than simple accessories: they can become personalized amulets, perfect for an original gift idea and to light up a look on a special occasion.

Among the trends of recent years, the charms in gold and Golden Rose give elegance and make every jewel more refined and refined. From rigid or rosary bracelets to long and choker necklaces, these small pendants with their shapes create special combinations that are remembered and give a touch of spontaneity and fun to even the most formal outfit.

But where to buy cheap jewelry with gold pendants?

The meaning of charm jewellery: a personalized jewel down to the smallest detail

Jewelry has always been the accessory that best reflects the character and style of the wearer. If the latter is unique and personalized on the basis of your tastes, it will be able to accompany you on every occasion.

That's why charms are so loved: these are small charms specially created to personalize and embellish jewels such as bracelets, but also necklaces and earrings. The shapes are all different and you are spoiled for choice. From clovers to hearts, but also teddy bears, initials, stars and crescents.

The important thing in choosing the right jewellery with charms is to always understand what they will be combined with: a bracelet with charms can in fact make a formal look more original and youthful or give that right trendy touch to a sporty and casual outfit.

When to buy charm jewelry?

Already from the meaning of the word charm it is easy to understand why these jewels have established themselves as a real trend in recent years. Charm in fact means "enchantment" and these small pendants worn in your jewel become magic amulets and lucky charms.


Worn since the 1950s, jewelry with charms was a real must for Coco Chanel and is now back in trend with all different shapes, sizes and styles.


Each pendant is capable of personalizing a jewel, making it unique and reminding us of a precise moment in our lives, such as a trip, a gift or a loved one to whom it belonged.

These jewels are versatile and can be purchased and worn both in summer, enhancing the tan with a nice bracelet or in winter over sweaters, for example by wearing a long rosary necklace with many small charms.

Their originality and elegance make them perfect to be combined with an elegant but sober look like the office one, but also for the most special evenings, like a glamorous outfit in the evening.


Where is it possible to buy cheap but high-quality charm jewellery?


Among the Bronzallure jewels you can find a wide collection of charms and jewels with pendants in gold and Golden Rose. Low-priced jewels but with excellent quality: Bronzallure bijoux, in fact, are created with the Golden Rose alloy, with 18-karat rose gold plating and set natural stones .


Perfect as a gift to a special friend for her birthday or to a mother for an anniversary or to celebrate a particular occasion, these creations bring everyone's tastes together.


From the most classic model of bracelets, such as the timeless My Bronzallure Tennis bracelet with your initial as a charm, rose gold plated with white Cubic Zirconia, to the Bronzallure rosary bracelet with youthful and cheeky charm, which combines the brightness of stones such as black onyx and red spinel with rose gold-plated pendants.


If you prefer the romantic allure of necklaces instead of bracelets, in the Bronzallure collection you can find the rosary necklace with many charms fun to combine: plated in rose gold, it features pendants in the shape of a four-leaf clover, heart, moon and stars, which combine with the charm of natural stones of which the small spheres are made up.


To this is added the jewel a Bronzallure “Pink is Good” necklace created in support of the Veronesi Foundation: a cascade of rose gold-plated heart-shaped charms with Fondazione Veronesi bows illuminated with brilliant pink stones. A original and unique creation to support research!


For those who want a small, refined and unique charm to add to a jewel they already own to make it magical, the charm with Bronzallure animals are plated in rose gold and embellished with white Cubic Zirconia. You can choose the friend you prefer among panda, owl, fish, seahorse, penguin or elephant!


Finding jewels with Bronzallure charm is simple: the latter, in fact, are available in the main sales points throughout Italy: just consult our dedicated page to find the store closest to you.

Now that you know when and where to buy the charm jewels from the Bronzallure collection, all you have to do is consult our online shop to choose the bracelet or necklace that best reflects you! Whether it's a gift or a gift for yourself, it doesn't matter: what matters is that it's the perfect companion to wear from morning to night with your every look!

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