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and the Celebration of Women

What more important occasion to pay tribute to the woman than to participate in the Aphrodite Award? A path full of emotions that led to the presence of the brand at the event that celebrates strong and determined personalities. The Aphrodite Award is a competition held every year and celebrates women's creativity, image and professionalism. In emphasizing the sensitivity for all the issues that concern women, are touched various areas such as cinema, journalism and television. An award given by women to women precisely to highlight a growing cohesion and sharing of similar traits in different personalities. Bronzallure has rewarded with its jewels the actresses present at the event, paying homage to the iconic products of the brand. An important moment for the atelier that could illuminate the special evening of important actresses and showed its greatest inspiration, the aim of the award: the celebration of women. Bronzallure was pleased to have taken part in such a unique event and to have honored strong personalities, aware and always ready to fight for their goals.