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for Valentine's Day

The beauty enclosed in the gesture of giving is carried away by instinct and gives smiles. On the day of love par excellence Bronzallure wants to give happiness and light in the eyes to all those who love each other. A capsule collection to be discovered and full of surprises. Celebrating love also means remembering to make people smile next to us. What better occasion than that of Valentine's Day to personalize the name of your beloved and make her feel special? The recognizable DNA of Bronzallure takes shape in this colorful capsule with a circular design that contains some nice letters. Today it is a must in the fashion world to wear a personalized jewel and in the Bronzallure collection, besides choosing the letter, it is possible to decide the color of the natural stone to be applied as a background. This limited edition, specifically designed for Valentine's Day, includes creations that can easily be combined with every outfit. Personalized jewels are perfect for communicating a thought or an emotion, surprising and making every woman who receives them unique.