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Pensiero Stupendo Event in Store

A very suggestive story that saw as protagonists the Bronzallure gems. The event, held in the Pensiero Stupendo jewelry of Caltagirone, was an important meeting to to make the essence of the company known to all those present. For the atelier it is really important to transmit the mastery with which all the creations are made and the attention with which the highest quality materials are selected. A perfect organization that saw the explanation of the characteristics of natural and certified stones as a fundamental moment; every gem represents our personality and its functions are to give wellbeing to anyone wearing them. Precisely for this reason the atelier carefully selects all gems that every woman can customize with a unique outfit. 11 types of gems were presented and during the story of their most significant characteristics everything was accompanied by a party atmosphere between cocktails and various desserts. The event also wanted to underline the importance of the Golden Rosé, the noble alloy that represents the essence of the brand and that, blending harmoniously with the splendid gems, gives life to the exceptional creations that are at the base of the Bronzallure realizations.