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Signed Bronzallure

An important and very successful goal that saw Bronzallure as protagonist at the Golden Rosé party.
A chic and elegant event for the presentation of the atelier corner inside the multibrand Brian & Barry. Impeccable details and a single protagonist: rose gold. The event, representative of all the 18 kt rose gold plated collections, took place on the splendid Brian & Barry terrace overlooking the Milan fashion and shopping center. An experience of great stimulus for all the guests at the chic style event signed Bronzallure who saw as special guests of the evening the showgirls Alessia Ventura and Irene Cioni. Every detail has been studied and no moment left to chance. The evening was inaugurated with a speech by the founders of Bronzallure and continued with a spectacular aperitif based on Lebanese food, proposed, alternatively, in vegan and vegetarian. The coolest moment arrived with cocktails. Strong of its presence in the world of natural gems, the atelier has decided to offer its guests drinks that evoke the colors of the stones used in the collections. Rose blends to underline the shining supremacy of Golden Rosé have blended with other
colored spirits to recreate the characteristic chromatic scenery of the Bronzallure gems. A wave of color and elegance for the Milanese evening that best told the inspiration and characteristics of the brand.