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The Golden Rosé cart for food & health

A cart designed by Bronzallure and created ad hoc for Milan Food Week, an event that reflects on a fundamental theme for our planet: food. The protagonist of the event was the shopping cart that reflects tastes, habits and lifestyles. The Bronzallure atelier, commissioned by Brian & Barry multibrand, created for the event a shopping cart whose structure was entirely plated in 18 kt rose gold and enriched with natural gems, characteristics of the atelier’s collections. The inspiration of the cart is to be a precious container that includes as many precious ingredients for health. The elegant design of the cart wants to try to give new ideas on the importance of shopping and on the careful choice of ingredients. Furthermore, a beautiful and important cart reflects the importance of raw materials and qualitative choice. If we choose good and healthy foods, our outward appearance will also thank us: we celebrate the art of shopping and we value the deliberate decisions of what we ingest. The precious link between food and health in a shiny 18 kt rose gold plated shopping cart.