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Devote yourself moments of happiness more often and celebrate love in all its forms

A worldly but above all social event that was held on May 6 on the second floor of the well-known Bryan & Barry Building on Via Durini. The much-loved food blogger Chiara Maci, a mother and a woman of many merits, met her fans to capture the emotion of an event with multiple meanings in one shot. A unique surprise, near Mother's Day, for all those attending the event. Waiting for the fans a completely pink aperitif and a special online discount to receive through the photo posted on instagram. The 2019 spring summer collection with its colors and special cuts has been exhibited together with the wonderful jewels made by Chiara. The theme chosen as a common thread is always him, the protagonist in all ways, love. And for Mother's Day, what better time to show it and celebrate it? "I wanted to create a line of jewels that celebrated women and love in all its forms. Among women. Among sisters. Between mother and children. Between friends. But above all I wanted to create a ring that women could give to themselves to reward themselves with so many great little things they face every day. Because we deserve it and because love for ourselves must be celebrated every day, "explained Chiara to all present. The collection of the famous food blogger consists of eight creations, all containing exciting words. The most important for the day of May 12 will be the bracelet with "Mamma" written on it, a unique word with strong meanings declined in an intimate and personal way for everyone.