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Brian & Barry Building Milano

The party of love is every day but in particular when it comes to the mother there is a need to make everything in style. The Chiara Maci capsule collection tells about emotions and feelings in a new and authentic way. And it is precisely from the hasthag Celebrate Amore that the showcase was born, built at the famous Bryan & Barry Building, on the occasion of 12 May. An interior design where everything speaks of love in a delicate and true way as only women can do. The layout is inspired by the kitchen and for this reason a giant notebook with the apple pie recipe on it becomes the undisputed protagonist of the setting. The recipe is tradition, it is memory, it is family. The significant claim "jewels that love women" and the beautiful photo of Chiara Maci with her mother and daughter attract the attention of passers-by.
A generation that speaks of emotions, of an indissoluble bond that lasts over time and gives true and authentic examples. Inside the exhibitors, all the jewels stand out among the essential ingredients for a good recipe. Bronzallure is always ready to amaze with its new accessories made of shining made in Italy and the warm tones of the Golden Rosé. A love without boundaries that for the mother and in the day that celebrates it dresses of exclusivity and perfection.