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Bee You with Bee and Coin

The bee is much more than an insect, it is the representation of multiple meanings of royalty and prosperity. It is the symbol of an independent and loyal character and the style of a woman who is prone to fashion. The Bee you collection was created to celebrate one of the most fashionable symbols in fashion and to highlight evocative, creative and original meanings. The line, conceived and crafted by the Bronzallure atelier, enhances the bee's figure in a harmonious and meaningful form, inspired by the natural structures of an insect as noble as it is laborious. The bee symbol, kept in a timeless Lira, gives the jewel a symbolic, original and innovative concept. The stylized and creative shapes embody the desire for contemporary artistic expression contained in every single accessory. Created exclusively for all fashion addicted, the collection also celebrates the iconic nature of a coin that has marked the history and customs of an Italy that has always been faithful to its traditions. Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the coinage of a timeless coin, Atelier Bronzallure combines present and past through a truly inimitable fashion and historical symbolism. The Lira underlines an important concept of quality supported by a strong Made in Italy and careful craftsmanship typical of Italian creations. Each jewel in the collection is made of Golden Rosé and is enriched by the intense and natural sheen of the Bronzallure certified gemstones. Games of volume, power, loyalty and virtue come together to create a truly innovative line that is enriched with an imposing and refined essence. Hexagonal cells that recall a constant and long-lasting industriousness and historical celebratory presences of an important folklore for jewels that characterize a truly timeless mood. Wearing a collection where tradition meets the trend and discover a perfect style through time.