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An unmissable capsule that pays tribute to love

"I have always believed that a jewel holds within itself a strong symbolic value.
This is why, every time I think of a gift, I choose to share an emotion.
Devote yourself moments of happiness more often and celebrate love in all its forms. "

It is always true that behind every great project, there is always a great woman. Pink version scenarios and a significant capsule that has seen love as its protagonist ... in all its forms. And then she, a well-known personality, an icon of authenticity and simplicity, Chiara Maci. Effective, elegant and with a high dose of spontaneity, the capsule collection, designed by the much loved food blogger, completely embodies the idea of femininity linked solely to emotions. A collection to be discovered, presented by Bronzallure on the occasion of the eight of March inside the Brian & Barry building corner, to honor the love of women and their unique way of giving their hearts. The new Capsule Collection, from the selection of joyful and meaningful accessories, combines a romantic mood with the ever fresh and never predictable touch of the atelier, all wrapped up in the hashtag #celebrateAmore. Bronzallure and Chiara Maci have chosen each other to give life to a common thought that is to celebrate love every day ... a love understood as a value, a feeling for others but in particular for themselves, just like every accessory of the collection, to give as gifts but above all to treat yourself! For Chiara, a jewel is something that remains over time, like love, a smile and emotions, which is why the bracelets and rings, in CZ and Golden Rosé, recall simple words, at the same time important and with a strong symbolic message. A real capsule that explores the codes of an authentic femininity, from the attitude to love and small gestures, designed so that every jewel can belong to us in time and communicate us moments of happiness everywhere.