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Summer comes in Light Blue at Bronzallure Jewelry

Did you know that the color associated to the sky is also the color for change, and for fair communications? Representing values that include serenity and understanding, light blue jewelry links green to indigo, as in a symbolic bridge from facts to intuition. Deep blue gemstones rely instead to the depths of the sea and space and therefore to knowledge and vastity. Blue gemstones are synonymous with overall positive messages such as fair play and meditation. Only a few of the reasons why the creatives at Atelier Bronzallure have conducted an exploration in Jewelry incorporating blue, light blue and similar gemstones for Spring Summer 2020: indulge in the many shades and novelties by Bronzallure designed to welcome the summer season with both elegance and glamour. Apatite itself, a new gemstones in our collection of affordable jewelry is a stone that already has a component of mystery starting from its name: often confused with emerald for the richness of its colors, similar to tourmaline, in the "pure" state like all other gems apatite would be colorless. Depending on elements it presents, apatite varies from an aqua green and rare strong blue to the more common yellow. We have selected the best blue stones for apatite rings and jewelry designed in sets, also ideal to wear alone, or combined with blue lace agate and quartz in similar shades. A new jewelry declaration for spring? Pick by the precious set with geometric blue pendant necklaces and their matching earrings and gemstone rings. Match cocktail rings and bracelets with gemstone geometrical charms, mix the shapes of the new Bronzallure cuts and create your own signature style. If you are looking for a more minimal and romantic jewelry option, perfect with folk and floral looks, discover the variations of the classic rosary necklace in long necklaces in the Variegata Collection by Bronzallure with blue agate lace and blue quartz, and the charm of the matching bead bracelets.

Geometries meet gemstones for timeless jewelry

Apatite, a genuine gemstone with a mysterious name that already incorporates in its ancient etymological meaning this idea of magic (often mistaken with precious stones such as emerald, or semi-precious stones such as tourmaline) is the protagonist of the Bronzallure Spring Summer 2020 new items dedicated to the first hints of spring. The geometrical pendant with semi-precious stones is the item of the season: indulge in the intense blue shades, also available in agate blue lace with delicate and romantic pastel tones. Decorated with fine luminous hints in white cubic zirconia, an alternative to diamond or black spinel, the square pendant necklace is perfect in sets with the maxi ring and cocktail ring: timeless charm with all the mastery of the best Italian jewelry. Make it just unforgettable in combination with the genuine gemstone pendant earrings with four clasps and the multistrand bracelet with matching pendant. Discover our jewelry collection online.

A new version of the gemstone rosary necklace

The Variegata Collection by Bronzallure is renewed for Spring Summer with colorful and minimal jewelry designs: original, 100% designed and Made in Italy the long necklaces become unique and precious style allies thanks to the bright 18K rose gold plated Golden Rose chain elements and the choice of hard stones. A variety of blue shades including rarities such as lace blue agate and quartz in intense turquoise blue shades: a feast of colors for necklaces with selected hard stones skillfully carved in shiny and precious beads: choose the color that best represents you or match them all, alternating the classic round mesh with the oval one for a game of shapes, geometries and colors. All Bronzallure creations are entirely developed and made in Italy starting from the intuition of our blend, proprietary and patented, and finely finished with a generous 18K rose gold plating. Golden Rosè allows for a brand new idea of jewelry and a daily and affordable luxury, with infinite shapes, designs and items all to be mixed, matched and combined.

Bead bracelets with stones you cannot miss

The bead bracelet has been the undisputed star in jewelry for several seasons: a timeless classic that has come back into fashion with the use of colored gemstones. The Bronzallure bead bracelet alternates rose gold plated Golden Rosè elements with gemstones, in a wide choice such as blue lace agate, apatite, rose quartz and tiger eye. Simple, refined, practical to choose and wear thanks to its elastic frame, the bead bracelet is the perfect gift and can be worn in color mix or combined with the Golden Rose version for a unique and personal style. Let yourself be conquered by the gemstones in shades of water and sky, surrounded by a new idea of the jewel.