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Women's Day Specials Gift for Her

Every woman is a world in herself: lively, strong, sensitive. Bold characters, or shy ones. Dynamic, intellectual, brave. Engaged, dreamy, beautifully complex. Celebrate women on the her dedicated Women's Day and every day with a precious jewelry gift imagined by her for her from our Atelier. Since 2009 in Milan we have brought together the youngest talents and the most professional ones with years of experience to design a brand new idea of jewelry: accessible, daily and always splendid, every Bronzallure bijoux is the result of intuition and sensitivity combined with seasonal trends: the ones in progress and the next ones, which we love to anticipate for you. A unique experience made affordable, one that expresses your whole personality. Indulge in our women's jewelry novelty guide for Spring Summer and discover the 100% Italian manufacture and design of Bronzallure bijoux creations with a precious and unique 18-carat rose gold plating. Want to shine from morning to evening? Pick the complicity of our carefully selected semiprecious stones: multi-faceted cuts made by our masters incorporate a wide range of colors and semiprecious stones. Bold volumes borrowed from traditional jewelry meet modern design and urban geometries in the best-selling Alba necklaces collection with coordinated bijoux: earrings, rings, bracelets for sets of great impact with spherical and geometric shapes, hard stones and decorative elements in Cubic Zirconia . The Golden Rose high-tech patented alloy developed and owned by our Atelier shines with feminine shades on a unique basis and alloy: a rich and precious composition of noble metals with a generous authentic 18K rose gold plating. Naturally hypoallergenic, nickel free and cadmium free. Choose the ultimate comfort on your skin to wear every day, meet the modern elegance that does not give up practicality. If you have a more classic taste and love the impeccable finishes of the Golden Rose, let yourself be conquered by the bright surfaces of our 18-carat rose gold plating and the 18K rose gold (finish on a patented base) creations of the Purezza collection by Bronzallure.

Genuine gemstone jewelry and urban shapes

This season's Alba by Bronzallure star item are the semiprecious stone earrings, incorporating two different semiprecious stones: featuring an element in luminous mother-of-pearl these long earrings come with four shades and stones to choose from: blue magnesite, shiny black onyx, romantic rose quartz and intense tiger eye for hypoallergenic earrings with stones and design pendants. Combine these dangling earrings with natural stones with their coordinated jewelry, such as the Alba genuine stone statement ring with a rectangular shape available in the same assortment, in colors from blue sky magnesite, to nocturnal black onyx, or white mother of pearl. Choose tiger eye with its spicy notes and exotic streak, and you cannot miss the delicate and pastel shades of pink quartz, synonymous also with Bronzallure’s creations. Coordinated Deco-inspired bracelet with extender and double Golden Rose link chain, comfortable clasp and adjustable length also available: all of Bronzallure creations combine comfort with unique proprietary designs.

Blue stones: a very feminine shade

A novelty from Spring Summer 2020: square gemstone pendant with coordinated pavé details in white Cubic Zirconia or black spinels blending essential geometries with luminous jewelry details of distinct elegance: indulge in the Preziosa necklace with a smooth pendant. A skillful carving to discover the rare charm of blue lace agate and apatite with intense shades in deep smoky blue. It is known that in addition to pink, beautifully interpreted by the Golden Rosè, blue also evokes the female world: the color of the mystery par excellence, it refers to elements such as the sky and the abysses. Ultramarine blue, sky blue, but also spiritual, otherworldly, calming and detached blue is the color par excellence of reflection. Discover our blue stone necklaces and all our blue stone jewels on the ecommerce jewelry boutique and in selected stores worldwide.

Purezza Collection: 18K Rose Gold and Golden Rosè jewelry at its best

The blend developed and patented by our Atelier creates a brand new idea of jewelry: unique, created from a proprietary alloy such as Golden Rosè, it is made with a final rich plating in genuine 18-carat rose gold. A naturally nickel free and cadmium free finish, hypoallergenic, which allows unmistakable elegance with a unique taste, made affordable: the cutting-edge patented Bronzallure technology is the secret for rose gold items expressing the quintessence of femininity. The perfect Women's Day gift: discover the timeless classics and the Spring Summer novelties from Bronzallure’s Purezza collection: essential geometries for must pieces, basics revisited in a contemporary key and chains, button earrings and rings. Let yourself be conquered by the unique splendor of our unforgettable finish with 18-carat rose gold plating, as unique as you are.