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Amazonite Cocktail Ring


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Delicate, refreshing and unmistakable thanks to its genuine organic pattern, this Amazonite Cocktail Ring is as contemporary and elegant as the inner beauty of the stone it exhibits thanks to a clean multifaceted cut, and a graphic four-prong setting. Matchin the superior, 18KT rose gold plated belnd from our Atelier, patented Golden Rose with skilled Italian craftsmanship, this ring is perfect of paired to the many Alba design featuring this stone and can also be paired to crystals such as the transparent quartz designs, especially crystal and smoky ones for a unique effect: try the Italian signature style by matching amazonite with other shades from brown to blue. Known for its striking hues and depths, cherished by mythological women from all ages, it ranges from opaque pale green to a deeper blue-green shade. - Code: WSBZ00013