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Camellia Two Strand Necklace


Collection Alba
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Length and elegance for this Camellia Necklace, the richer version featuring the modern dance of four delicate, rose-cut inlays in iridescent Mother of Pearl. Its genuine glow comes enhanced by the 18KT rose gold plated natural warmth of proprietary Golden Rose: an intricate and delicate pattern that is inspired from the many rose gardens of the Riviera, and part of a family of items including bracelets and earrings, celebrating the enchanting beauty of nature and the geometries of floral designs. Simple, easy to wear and easy to match they feature the best Milanese design with attention to volumes and trends, as well as the skilled techniques of Made in Italy for a flawless, lavish and luminescent look and feel 24/7. - Code: WSBZ00923 - Camellia Necklace