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Heart Shaped Dangle Earrings


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These heart shaped dangle earrings by Bronzallure are at the same time romantic and design-driven, thanks to the combined use of technology and the best raw materials: a genuine, 100% made in Italy design for pendant earrings crafted from Bronzallure's unmistakable and proprietary 18K rose gold plated technology. We have created and registered a warm blend called Golden Rose than further undergoes to a hypoallergenic, nicke free and cadmium free 18K rose gold plating for the ultimate elegance, shine and resistance. Synonymous with love and tenderness, these mother of pearl heart earrings with a small heart-pendant shine their glow from a multifaceted, sophisticated cut on genuine gemstones selected for their light and soft natural hues. These dangle earrings match our heart-shaped designs in 18K rose gold plated Golden Rose and make an ideal gift for her or a smart self purchase at any time of the year. Also aailable in icy grey quartz for your ultimate carryover.

- Code: WSBZ01137

• Golden Rose Patented Alloy
• 18K Rose Gold Plating
• Genuine Natural Gemstones
• Designed & Made in Italy
• Nickel free, Cadmium Free, Hypoellergenic
• Comfort fit