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Short Knot Pendant Necklace in Golden Rosé


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The short knot pendant necklace features a modern classic design, embodying one of the most cherished symbols in jewelry: the 18 Karat rose gold plated knot element of this short charm necklace is a symbol of love and bonds and features an intricate manual work, the result of years of expertise passed from father onto son for a spectacular and classy, timeless design made affordable thanks to the 18 Karat rose gold plated Golden Rose blend: the alloy, patented and registered is an high-tech revolution and comes with a rich and sumptuous finish in 18K gold, naturally nickel free, cadmium free and hypoallergenic. Pair this summer item to the coordinated designs and wear it all year long, 24/7 for a brand new idea of jewelry, made affordable. 100% designed and made in Italy. Long statiom version with multiple knots also available.- Code: WSBZ01786

  • Golden Rosè Patented Alloy
  • 18K Rosè Gold Plating
  • Designed & Made in Italy
  • Nickel free, Cadmium Free, Hypoallergenic
  • Comfort fit