Christmas Gifts 2022 for Women: Necklaces Reign as Favorites

How many times have you pondered over unique Christmas gifts only to come up empty-handed? Amid the array of 2022 Christmas gifts for women, jewelry emerges as an elegant accessory with the power to captivate and delight.

Giving a jewel as a gift always carries an important meaning: it is a small accessory that we wear and that reminds us at all times of the person who gave it to us. To bestow an unforgettable gift, understanding the preferences of the future wearer of the ring, necklace or bracelet you intend to buy is crucial. This ensures your gift won't languish in a drawer but instead will be cherished, worn on special occasions or even as an everyday adornment if you opt for a piece with a simple, essential design.


Christmas Gifts in 2022 for Women: Why The Necklace ? 

Rings, earrings, bracelets: did you know that necklaces stand out among women's favorites? Long, maxi, crew neck and embellished with natural stones and Cubic Zirconia: the Bronzallure creations they are the perfect gift to give to those you love.

There are various motivations for choosing to gift or indulge in a necklace, including:

  • To symbolically envelop our loved ones with care and protection by showcasing our thoughtfulness.
  • As a romantic and meaningful gesture to someone we love.
  • To make you or a loved one feel special on a special occasion, birthday, anniversary or just because!
  • To add elegance to a particular outfit or show our support for a cause or organization. For example, you could give a themed necklace to support a charity campaign or an association you are particularly fond of.
  • Enhancing the elegance of a specific outfit or displaying our solidarity with a cause or organization. For instance, you might consider presenting a themed necklace as a symbol of support for a charity campaign or a cherished association.

Gem-Adorned Necklaces : The Most Exceptional  Christmas Gift for 2022

There are those who cannot resist the charm of a precious choker to be worn with elegant clothes to embellish even the most formal look, or those who prefer more casual and youthful outfits with delicate accessories and colored stones to enhance their image every day. The Bronzallure jewelry  tell the story of the femininity and style of each of us: from the most classic to the most contemporary, thanks to the gold and golden rose shades these small amulets will be able to give brightness and romance to those who wear them. For those who love them natural stones then, this is a perfect gift, since it combines the meaning and magic of each stone with the elegance of the Bronzallure design.

Some are drawn to the allure of a precious choker, perfect for enhancing even the most formal attire with its elegance. Others prefer a more casual and youthful look, adorning themselves with delicate accessories featuring colourful stones for daily enhancement. Bronzallure jewelry narrates the tale of femininity and style, ranging from the classic to the contemporary, all thanks to the lustrous shades of gold and rose gold. These petite talismans infuse radiance and romance into the wearer's persona.

For the women with an affinity for natural stones, this collection is an ideal gift, seamlessly blending the meaning and enchantment of each stone with the exquisite Bronzallure design. 

Selecting Christmas Gifts: Long or Short Necklaces? Here Are Some Suggestions... 

Whether the necklace is colorful, long, short or adorned with stones, Bronzallure has a model for everyone. The important thing is to note is how to choose the best style for the person who will wear it! Here are some perfect styles to gift this Christmas :

  • The multi-strand necklace: this model is a trend of recent years and can be worn every season, both in winter over a colorful sweater and in summer with a low-cut top. They are typically medium to long in length and minimal and refined in its design, as the two-strand necklace with double pendant, which combines a rosary chain in 18k rose gold plated Golden Rose sphere. For those who cannot give up color, the multi-row necklace with pending natural stones that alternate in color, with a clever teardrop cut, makes for a lively design suitable for every day: under a jacket or with a simple t-shirt!
  • The long necklace with pendant: perfect for the most romantic individuals, this jewel is suitable for all occasions and can serve as the ideal gift for a friend, a girlfriend or a family member. What's better than declaring your affection than choosing jewelry with a heart pendant? The necklace with stone heart pendant, combines a luminous 18k rose gold-plated rolo chain with a large heart pendant in natural stone. It is possible to choose between different gems, such as rose quartz, amazonite, but also black onyx, green agate and many others. If you are looking for a piece of jewelry with a minimal design aesthetic, we suggest the elegant necklace with round pendant in natural stone. Sophisticated and perfect for those looking for a precious, yet refined and precious gift, this long necklace incorporates a double rose gold-plated rolo chain adorned by a natural stone pendant. This style comes in a wide array of gemstones to choose from, ranging from Lapis to Amethyst, ensuring you can find one that perfectly suitable to your taste.
  • Necklace with Cubic Zirconia: if the person you want to give the jewel to likes shiny accessories, there is no doubt: these necklaces are the perfect gift to put under your Christmas tree. You can choose from timeless styles, such as the Bronzallure Tennis Necklace, with a base in 18kt rose gold-plated in Golden Rosé for a feminine edge or the Paper Chain Necklace with Pavé Letter in Cubic Zirconia for as a more personalized option.

Now that you have a clearer sense of what to consider for this year's Christmas gifts, we encourage you to browse the Bronzallure shop to select the ideal necklace to place under the tree for your cherished loved ones. Bestow the gift of an enchanting moment of celebration and delight your beloved with these exquisite and unique creations Made In Italy.