Pearls : Contemporary Elegance

Bronzallure Pearls : Contemporary Elegance

Undisputed synonym of elegance, the pearl represents an authentic gift: guarded and almost hidden like a true jewel of Nature, the pearl surprises us as few elements can do. Each specimen is the result of rigorous hunting or respectful breeding. As happens in the case of Bronzallure freshwater pearls, also known as cultivated pearls: shells expertly cared for and guarded, to guarantee maximum quality through rigorous procedures and capable of offering constant standards, up to the level of Bronzallure bijoux. Elegant, easy to wear and at the same time unique, Bronzallure pearl bijoux embraces the philosophy of the brand and adheres to the unrivaled level of quality of our Atelier: a promise of elegant, fresh, wearable jewellery. Visit our gallery and let yourself be won over by an idea of ​​innovative pearl jewellery, which preserves the elegance of this creation, a must-have in every wardrobe, making it current with a unique and personal touch of refined freshness and simplicity. A current effect guaranteed by the unique design, the original sets and the contemporary shapes of all our creations, designed for you who love everyday elegance and the simplicity of an accessory capable of making all your looks unforgettable.

Maxima Collection: A Jewel Within A Jewel

Every pearl is a unique, original, and inimitable gem, much like every creation from Bronzallure. That's why our skilled gemologists not only choose the finest semi-precious stones and captivating cuts for our Atelier's mineral gems and packaging alternatives but also devote a significant portion of their time to sourcing and evaluating specimens of Maxima type pearls.

Suitable for making each of our creations unforgettable, we have established the Maxima standard for those specimens of pearls, also called Scaramazze, Baroque or Ming in jewellery, depending on the era, which lend themselves to plays of light and particular shapes. The collection of the same name begins at Maxima with pearls of character and exclusive creations, thanks to these examples which experienced moments of great fashion and research already in the nineteenth century among noble families and collectors. You will immerse yourself in dream atmospheres thanks to their original shape, surfaces that mimic the sea waves, enriched by organic and natural features that make them a real jewel within a jewel. As in the circle earrings with Maxima coin-type button pearl, chosen for example for its original flat shape and ideal for decorating the lobes: they support a circle shape made of Golden Rosé and luminous Cubic Zirconia. Feminine, seductive and with character, they easily match the button-shaped Maxima pearl ring, ideal for an everyday ring that does not go unnoticed. The design of the double light point necklace is unique in its simplicity and will lend itself to more minimal interpretations or to be combined with jewelery creations such as bracelets, pendant earrings and rings with pearls in different shapes and designs.

Pastel Shades and Golden Rose: A Unique Combination

Discerning jewelry enthusiasts are well aware of the sensitivity of pearl aficionados to the unique and distinctive nuances found in nature. The most discerning eyes will be enchanted by the endless pastel spectrum, spanning from pearl gray to antique pink, and encompassing all the shades of white that this natural gem offers to beauty enthusiasts. Our tricolor ring and earrings elegantly unite carefully chosen pearls in contrasting hues, paired with the unmistakable allure of 18K rose gold-plated Golden Rose—a proprietary and patented alloy by Bronzallure. These bijoux effortlessly blend the wearability of accessories with the preciousness of jewelry, finding their perfect expression in the Maxima collection, where elegance and versatility reach their pinnacle.

The rich three-color bracelet with Golden Rose spheres and Ming pearls in delicate shades has a practical magnetic closure, is deemed the perfect gift for her and easy-to-wear bijoux. Let yourself be won over by the imagination of Bronzallure pearl bijoux and compose your own symphony of pastel colors in the infinite shades available, for an unforgettable and unique style. Browse the gallery of jewelry with pearls from our e-commerce.

Pearlescence, luster, shape: how to evaluate the pearl?

An authentic splendor of nature, the pearl is distinguished according to precise evaluation criteria, which range, as we have seen, from its shape and surface, up to including color and relative homogeneity, thickness and, obviously, size or measurement. An interesting albeit technical criterion is that of the east, which is defined by the effect of optical play created by the pearl: it is easily observable and detectable by an expert gaze in particular conditions, but is nevertheless also recognizable by the pearlescent and nacré shades, an inevitable characteristic of Bronzallure pearl jewellery.

Our expert gemologists dedicate attention and time to ensure that each example meets the standards defined by the criteria of the Maxima collection, for bijoux unique in their elegance and splendor. You may have often wondered how to store your pearls: it is ideal to store them in an environment protected from light and humidity, in the useful pouch supplied with every Bronzallure purchase, thus ensuring that your pearl jewelery is protected from strong temperature and lighting changes. With a delicate yet tenacious appearance, Maxima pearl bijoux will accompany you on formal occasions and every day, for a new idea of ​​jewellery. And for a more edgy and rock taste, discover the selection of pink pearls and black spinel: bracelet, necklace and pendant earrings match each other and with the different creations of the Bronzallure universe.