Extraordinary Gift Choices: Choosing Between a Unique Set or a Special Necklace

As the holiday season draws near, the quest for the ideal gift commences. Whether it's for a friend, mother, or girlfriend, a piece of jewelry always stands as a splendid choice for a special gift, particularly when you are well-acquainted with the recipient's style and preferences

Rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets in gold and rose gold, creations with a romantic and classic flavor that go perfectly with any type of outfit and can enhance even the most sophisticated look. From the necklace to jewelery set, here are all the perfect ideas for your gifts.

Precious Necklace: Which Models to Choose?

The necklace is a classic jewel, perfect for those who do not want to give up the elegance of bijoux for special occasions. Typically made of gold or rose gold, it can be set with precious stones, colored gems and pearls. This jewel is the ideal choice for those looking for a gift that knows how to surprise, since the necklace lends itself to being worn on special occasions, such as parties and large events.

Thanks to its elegant line, the necklace draws attention to a thin neck, making your image sensual and sophisticated. Furthermore, with the help of particular details, this jewel is made even more unique and perfect as it fully expresses the personality of the wearer.

Bronzallure Necklaces and Chokers: The Elegance and Refinement of The Perfect Jewel

Plated in 18k gold and rose gold, the Bronzallure chokers give your neckline a romantic allure that will be remembered. Pearls for those who cannot give up the refinement of an evergreen or precious stones for those who are fascinated by colored shades, it is possible to choose the ideal crew neck for every occasion.

  • Choker with pearls: with luminous freshwater pearls and rolo chain, this jewelry simple and elegant, it is perfect both worn individually or together along with the jewels from the Maxima collection.
  • Groumetta crew neck: this iconic mesh necklace, combines the refinement of simplicity with sophisticated volumes to create a timeless and versatile jewel, capable of conquering and being easily combined.
  • Marquise choker necklace with pave: for those who cannot do without the brightness of Cubic Zirconia, this crewneck with knit and pavé and the perfect bijoux for the contemporary woman who love to be elegant with a touch of originality, thanks to the Golden Rose its modern form.

Jewelry Sets: When to Gift Them and Which One to Choose

In French “parure” means a set of coordinated precious jewels, such as a combination of necklace and earrings, bracelet or ring. Very popular in seventeenth century Europe, it was reserved for the royal classes, since any woman was not considered socially acceptable without coordinating jewelry that defined her power and wealth. In a set, the important thing is that the jewelry recall the same shape and style.

This is the perfect gift idea for those who love jewelry and need to accentuate a dress for a special occasion. Even the simplest outfit, in fact, thanks to the refined touch of a set with necklace and earrings, is capable of distorting its perception, making it original.  

Jewelry Sets In Rose Gold

If you have decided to give a set of jewels as a gift, you are spoiled for choice in the Bronzallure collection. You can opt for earrings and necklace, but also ring and bracelet and many other combinations that will make your gift unforgettable. Pearls, stones and sophisticated geometries: all Bronzallure jewels are 18k rose gold plated and designed in Italy, to guarantee the highest goldsmith quality and a versatile and contemporary jewel.

  • The Valentine's Day Set: Looking for the perfect gift to declare your love? This set is just for you. If your sweetheart loves red tones and particular jewels, this set consists of earrings, bracelet, ring It is necklace will surely surprise her. A Golden Rose base is combined with bright heart-shaped red Cubic Zirconia... winning is guaranteed!
  • The set with onyx and pink pearls. Is the person you are giving the gift of love. The Necklace  match with earrings in Golden Rose with black onyx elements and the brightness of pink pearls for a truly chic look!
  • The set with square stones and pavé. Who can resist the charm of natural stones? If they are combined with the light of the Cubic Zirconia pavé, the charm is guaranteed. In this matching jewelry sets, The dangling earrings, necklace and ring create a perfect mix capable of embellishing the most sophisticated looks for unforgettable occasions.

Now that you're well-informed about the features of both necklaces and jewelry sets, as well as when to gift them and how to make the right choice, your next step is to explore the Bronzallure shop and select the perfect piece of jewelry for your gifting needs. Embrace the radiance of rose gold and natural stones to craft versatile and flawless combinations, designed for the elegant and contemporary woman.