Caring for Your Rose Gold Jewelry: Our Expert Cleaning Tips

Rose gold is a metal obtained from a mix of gold, copper and silver. Increasingly loved and used for the creation of jewelry with a romantic touch, delicate and ethereal allure, rose gold is not difficult to clean. This is a simple and quick operation: all it takes is a few precautions and a little patience to obtain shiny and deeply clean jewelry.

Here are some helpful tips on how to clean rose gold jewelry to ensure long-lasting cleaning and make your accessories shine without stress and effort!

What Ruins Rose Gold? Here Is What To Pay Attention To

Rose gold can stain and become opaque over time, especially if you don't pay attention to some aspects related to our everyday life. What are the external agents to watch out for that can affect the natural shine of rose gold jewelry?

To keep the brilliance of your precious items unaltered, it is necessary to pay attention to some factors:


  • Creams and detergents: it is always good to remember to remove rings and necklaces when using cleaning and personal care products.
  • Also pay attention to perfumes: who doesn't spray a little perfume just before going out? Be careful with your jewels. Perfume contains some agents that when in contact with gold, can trigger a chemical reaction. This will negatively impact the perception of color and brilliance of your precious items.
  • Dirt and dust: especially if the jewelry is not carefully kept inside a jewelry box, it can be affected by the dust and dirt that forms naturally at home.
  • The salt contained in sea water. When in contact with your jewelry,  can deteriorate it. Salt is a corrosive substance that can quickly ruin the color of rose gold jewelry. It's always a good idea to remove necklaces, earrings and bracelets when swimming or spending a day at the beach!

How to Clean Bronzallure Rose Gold Jewelry : 5 Effective Methods

Cleaning Bronzallure jewelry is simple. Here are some quick and practical remedies which you can easily make at home.

Here are some of the most common and effective tips you can refer to:

  • Use dish detergent: pour the ring, bracelet or necklace you want to clean into a bowl with hot water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid and leave to act for about 15 minutes. Remember not to use too hot water, especially if you have to clean jewelry with precious stones, such as solitaire with amethyst O the three-band ring with zircons. If possible, it is preferable to use sodium-free or sparkling water: the carbonization of this substance helps the dirt in the jewelry to come off.
  • Soft bristle toothbrush: to clean jewelry you can help yourself with a toothbrush, rubbing the jewel and making the bristles penetrate into every corner. Hard bristles are not indicated, but soft ones, so as not to damage, scratch or ruin the metal. After cleaning it, it is best to dry it with a soft cloth on a towel.
  • The toothpaste: another perfect remedy because you always have it at home and it is easy to use for cleaning jewelry. Perfect as a cleaning paste for all those jewels that we always keep with us for their versatility, such as multi-strand star and moon necklace in rose gold or the link ring in Golden Rose. These, in fact, are destined to get dirty more easily. To clean, just add a little water and use a soft-bristled toothbrush or a cloth to remove dirt.
  • Sponge and ammonia: ammonia is a chemical product and should be used to clean thoroughly but occasionally, avoiding its use on jewels that contain platinum or pearls such as Bronzallure pearl choker. The ammonia cleaning mixture should be one part chemical compound to six parts water. After mixing well and creating a homogeneous mixture, you can wet the jewels in this solution for about one minute (be careful, no more!).

Now that you know some helpful tips on how to clean rose gold jewelry, we invite you to consult the Bronzallure shop to purchase your favorite 18kt rose gold plated piece or set! 

Thanks to the brightness of the Golden Rose alloy, unique to Bronzallure jewelry, you will always have a romantic and sophisticated touch to your looks for every day use!