Hand Chain and Tennis Bracelet: The Fascinating History and Significance

A hand chain that elegantly adorns the hand and wrist, is composed of a combination of a bracelet and ring connected by a delicate chain. Hand chains have made a resurgence in the latest trends, alongside the timeless and evergreen tennis bracelet.

A centuries-old history that has its roots in Indian culture: the hand kiss bracelet it is a fascinating and versatile jewel, capable of embellishing even the most casual look, ideal on summer evenings or to give a touch of sensuality to your outfit. It's a bracelet and ring, that is connected by a thin chain that holds it together. The ring is typically worn on the index or middle finger. Its history, unlike the tennis bracelet, is very ancient, since it was worn by the most important women in society to establish their marital status and social belonging. The tennis bracelet, on the other hand, has been known since the end of the 1980s and represents a classic jewel that is a staple piece in every woman's jewelry box. 

Hand Chain: The History and Meaning The Ancient Jewel

This particular bracelet is linked to the "hand kiss" gesture, during which women offer their hand to a man as a symbol of esteem and mutual appreciation. The “kiss on the hand” was often also a sign of amorous courtship and was part of an ancient set of jewels that Indian brides wore on their wedding day, as well as toe rings, anklets and bracelets. The hand kiss bracelet also exists in a more colorful version and is generally worn by women belly dancers as a symbol of femininity and elegance. This jewel has two different "souls": a more minimal one, in silver or gold, perhaps enhanced by a precious stone, and a more lively one, when combined with other bracelets and bijoux to embellish a sporty or ethnic look.

Tennis Bracelet: The Story of a Precious and Iconic Jewel

Together with the kissing bracelet, a jewel symbolizing elegance and timeless refinement is the tennis bracelet: the history of this jewel (and from which its name derives) is now known throughout the world. In fact, in 1987 the famous tennis player Chris Evert lost a bracelet made up of a single row of diamonds during the US Open tennis match. The athlete had to interrupt the game on the field to recover all the diamonds that made up the precious jewel of his bracelet. It was precisely from that day that the tennis bracelet was born, that is, the jewel composed of a single row of precious diamonds which also cover its closure. There are very different variations, for example in rigid version in Golden Rose 18k rose gold plated, it is available in the variant with black spinel, for those who love darker shades, or with white Cubic Zirconia for those who cannot do without the brightness of the stones.

The Hand Chain and Tennis Bracelet: Refined Look From Day to Night

Do you like to experiment and find jewelry that easily matches your extravagant looks? The hand chain kissing bracelet may be the right piece for you. It can make an outfit unforgettable or even a sober office look sophisticated, for example if combined with fine fabrics such as silk and chiffon. For those who cannot do without the light of precious stones, the tennis bracelet it is the most suitable jewel for every look, a symbol of femininity and elegance. For example, if you want to give a gift to a friend or your mother, the 18k yellow gold plated Golden bracelet with Cubic Zirconia and adjustable closure, it is an original and modern jewel at the same time. To celebrate a deep bond or a special occasion, you can also choose one beautiful set composed of two tennis friendship bracelets, one studded with white Cubic Zirconia, the other with hematite, with a Golden Rose setting. Even the customizable version with plate can be a perfect gift idea. Thanks to the presence of a Golden Rose tag, in fact, it is possible to have dates, initials or phrases engraved depending on what you want to communicate to the person to whom you intend to give the jewel.

Now that you know the fascinating history and significance of the hand chain and tennis bracelet, we invite you to visit the Bronzallure shop for you to choose the bracelet that best suits your taste and style. These bracelets carry a rich history that lives on through the stories you share, making them a part of your personal narrative.