An unforgettable fragment of pink life: this is what Bronzallure jewelry represents, a daily caress to be shown off on any occasion, to best express one's personality and femininity. Bronzallure is developed thanks to the innovative patented Golden Rosé alloy, the result of creative flair and ingenuity. But this is not the only distinguishing feature of the brand's jewelry: the pink color that characterizes them is unique in the world and guarantees maximum shine and elegance. Finally, the generous 18 kt rose gold plating ensures charm and longevity to each creation.

Born in Milan

The Bronzallure atelier is a house of creativity based in Milan, a modern and cosmopolitan city, a cradle forerunner of trends in the fashion world.

Led by Creative Director Albert Mouhadab, it expresses the commitment of a family with years of experience in the diverse fields of jewelry. These roots are responsible for the careful, unique and distinctive research of contemporary creations.

Innovative jewelry capable of combining the trends of the moment with timeless wearability.Developed and produced in Italy, respecting the creativity and authenticity inherent in Italian savoir-faire, Bronzallure creations are an example of the highest quality and beauty.

Moi, je vis en rose

Bronzallure's claim, moi je vis in rose, perfectly embodies the intrinsic and extrinsic characteristics of the brand and its creations.Living in pink means living with refinement, elegance, composure and positivity, because beautiful things can happen at any time.It is a lifestyle that accompanies the Bronzallure woman at all times, an allure, a romantic and sophisticated poise that characterizes her on every occasion of her daily life.

A guarantee of quality

Each piece of Bronzallure jewelry is studied down to the smallest detail: soft lines, delicate and harmonious surfaces, finely cut stones, secure and easy-to-use clasps are just some of the many attentions, real pampering, reserved for customers.

To these are added other very important features, which unite all the jewelry, such as being hypoallergenic, nickel, cadmium and led free and equipped with a signed guarantee certifying their excellent quality.

A stone for every woman

Bronzallure jewelry combines the finest Italian craftsmanship with carefully selected natural stones and freshwater pearls. Constant commitment to the search for the best hard, precious and semi-precious stones, chosen for the innate expressiveness of their unique, rare and original hues, is combined with mastery in carving and mounting.

The cuts of the stones themselves are all original and studied in the brand's Milan atelier in order to bring out their natural color and innate brilliance to the fullest.Cubic zirconia, freshwater pearls in pastel shades and sinuous shapes, black onyx, malachite, lapis lazuli, amazonite and many more make each piece of jewelry unique and different, able to illuminate the different personalities of the women who wear them and express their joy of living in pink to the fullest.