How to match necklaces to clothes with other jewelry

How many times have you found yourself in front of the mirror with a new dress without knowing which jewels to wear for that occasion? There are some tricks and tips to keep in mind if you don't want to go wrong in matching the right clothes and necklaces: from the ceremonial dress to office clothing , with these guidelines it will be easy to define the best necklace based on the outfit. But how to combine necklaces with clothes? First of all, each jewel must be chosen considering its own style, the colors used and the occasion in which it will be worn. Finally, remember not to overdo it: sobriety and balance are symbols of elegance!

Necklaces and dresses, here's what to know to match them in the best way

First of all, remember to never underestimate accessories and jewels. In fact, if you don't pay attention, the whole look can be affected. A necklace can easily highlight your elegant, vintage or contemporary outfit: the important thing is to know how to best match it based on the dress we choose. If, for example, we decide to wear a little black dress or a dark suit, it goes without saying that we will have to use necklaces and other jewels, such as earrings, bracelets and rings to illuminate our image as much as possible, giving light and color. It is also important to always remember to be balanced in dosing the accessories you choose: if we choose a necklace with large volumes, the earrings must be small and minimal. If, on the other hand, we focus on the look by wearing a large earring like a pendant, we can combine a necklace with simple and delicate lines. In general, the necklaces with a minimal design and essential should be combined with patterned dresses or brightly colored outfits, while the more sober and elegant clothes should be enhanced with pendant necklaces with colored stones strong> or necklaces with important volumes.

How to choose the necklace based on the neckline?

To correctly match necklaces to clothes, it is essential to analyze the type of neckline you wear. In fact, if a shirt with a collar is used, you can opt for a thin choker necklace, while if you wear a sweater or turtleneck with a high collar long necklaces are the perfect jewel for the occasion. Finally, the necklaces for the choker dress are the short ones like colliers, while if it is large (like the band or heart-shaped one) it is possible to opt for a necklace with multi-strand pendants or with pendants of different sizes strong>.  How to enhance the V neckline instead? A nice mix of colored necklaces can be worn with this sensual model, preferring thin, fine and refined models.

Materials and fabrics, which necklace to choose for your everyday outfit?

When we combine jewels with our everyday clothes, we must pay attention to the fabric we are going to wear: for example, wool easily hooks to pendant necklaces or charms and risks getting damaged. That's why for the office or leisure look you can choose simple lines focusing on details or play with symmetries and overlaps by mixing necklaces of different lengths, shapes and colors. Don't forget to wear matching metals: if you wear a gold earring you will have to choose the same material for the necklace and rings too!

Colours and necklaces: here's which ones to match for all occasions

Which metal to choose? Steel, gold and silver: each of these has its own charm and beauty, but not all of them are simple to combine with any color. Gold necklaces, for example, are particularly suitable for more formal looks and go well with colors such as brown, black, red, but also pink, blue and green. Chokers and necklaces in silver or steel, on the other hand, are mostly used for casual and sporty looks because they give a breath of freshness, enhancing even the most sober outfit. These metals are ideal to combine with lively and bright colors such as turquoise, emerald green and yellow, but also with an elegant black dress. Even colorful jewels have become a must-have in recent years. They are easy to combine with solid color looks and dresses, such as white, black or neutral tones: they add color and cheer, making even the simplest dress original and intriguing.

Now that you know how to combine necklaces with clothes with other jewels, all that remains is to choose the bijoux that are more in line with your style and with the colors you usually wear. Stones, pearls, charms or the purity of the Golden Rose alloy: the Bronzallure collections adapt to every look and every occasion. With a unique design and a jewel made entirely in Italy, you will always know how to stand out for its elegance and charm!

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