Rose gold, who is comfortable with it and which jewels enhance the skin

Not just silver and yellow gold: rose gold is a rather recent metal that has known great fame and is now loved for the romantic and delicate aura it manages to give to every creation . Thanks to its characteristic pink tone, this gold gives a sophisticated image to the wearer and is therefore suitable for making bijoux that are easy to wear, even for the office and for everyday life. But who is rose gold good for? In fact, not all jewels have the possibility of combining with all complexions, but this metal is an exception because it easily adapts to all pigments, from the lightest to the most amber ones.

Wearing rose gold bijoux: who is this metal good for?

The metal of the jewels must be chosen considering the skin colour: if yours is a very light shade, you can choose white metals, while if yours complexion recalls a darker or more Mediterranean color you will be valued more by metals with more intense shades, such as gold and rose gold. However, to have an overall harmony of all the colors and thus choose the perfect jewel, it is also important to consider the color of the stones: if the cold shades combine well especially with white pearls or pink stones , blues and reds, the warmest tones go well with coral and earthy colors, such as brown, green, peach yellow and orange.

Colours that match gold: jewels with semi-precious stones

Rose gold is the right basis for creating a special jewel with a retro flavour, playing with natural and semi-precious stones to create harmonies and contrasting games with colours. This metal then gives lightness to the jewel and it doesn't matter whether it's a ring, a necklace or a bracelet: it will never tire you and will be able to give that touch of freshness you were looking for to your every look! But with which stones does rose gold marry? Without a doubt with Amethyst, Aquamarine, but also Malachite, Cubic Zirconia and many others. You are spoiled for choice and the important thing is to be guided by your taste to find the one you like best! The rose gold jewels enriched by stones are so fascinating that they will be able to attract attention both with the colors of the contrasting stones, and with the more subdued ones, such as pink or red.

Colors that go well with gold: Color Analysis and the seasons

Did you know that it is possible to choose the jewel to wear also on the basis of your complexion? There are different types to choose from and depending on your skin color and undertone (light, dark, warm and cool) you can opt for yellow gold, rose gold or silver. To understand which category your complexion falls into, you can remove your make-up, apply a daily moisturizer and wait 15 minutes. Then look in the mirror and place a piece of white paper on your face. If the shades appearing on the paper are pinkish, then the background is cold, while if the shade is yellowish, it will be warm. Color harmony helps us because it suggests us on the basis of the season of belonging (spring, autumn, summer, winter) which metal is more suitable for the tones of our complexion and which stone colors to combine for value ourselves to the fullest. In fact, according to this technique, each season has its own palette, but which ones can use rose gold? The palette of spring is suitable for brighter complexions and for light and bright colors with light contrast. For this reason, those who belong to this season can choose jewelry both in yellow gold and rose gold to combine with stones in lively and bright shades such as turquoise, aquamarine and green quartz. Another season that fits perfectly with the romantic and delicate nuance of rose gold is autumn, where warm colors are used with lower and less bright intensity and softer shades. That is why in this case the most suitable metals are bronze and pink gold, enriched with stones in shades of yellow (amber, lion's eye, citrine) or green (emerald, green tourmaline , topaz).

Now that you know who rose gold suits and which colored natural stones it can be combined with, all you have to do is consult the Bronzallure shop and choose the creation that wins you over! Thanks to the delicate and romantic nuance of rose gold, you can show off a jewel that is practical to wear and perfect to be combined with any look on all occasions!

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