Cocktail ring, history and when to use it

The cocktail ring is a jewel of great style and timeless elegance that is now much loved by women of all ages. A setting characterized by a very large and faceted precious and semi-precious stone, this was born in the 1920s, during the Prohibition period. Originally, the frame was simple, but it has gradually been embellished over the years. Today, very different stones are set in this ring: from Amethyst to Topaz, its minimal and rose gold-plated setting enhances the light and brightness of the stone, making it the undisputed protagonist of this precious.

Cocktail ring: the story of a jewel of timeless elegance

This bijoux certainly does not go unnoticed today, but has its roots in history. In fact, it was once the ring of the nobles of the European courts, even if it was not exactly as we know it. It was in Prohibition that this jewel gained its fame. In fact, due to the strict laws on alcohol consumption and women's social customs, small forms of rebellion arose and this ring was part of it. In fact, it is said that the latter was worn by women on the occasion of clandestine parties in private homes and clubs. Secretly organized parties in which the ladies enjoyed tasting liquor and wore a showy and exaggerated ring on their finger to get noticed by all the guests. It was then in 1950 that, after Prohibition, this ring became known and renowned by meeting its fortune.

Do you know the cocktail ring and its history?

Born to be flaunted at parties, it is said that they were worn on the right hand: the name refers precisely to the cocktail that women raised with this hand to show off their precious bijoux. Today this ring has great charm and style and is highly appreciated by those who love originality. Bright and eye-catching, the minimal setting brings out the set stone, which must be of large size and unique brilliance. It can be used on various occasions, both during the day for a casual chic look with neutral tones such as powder pink, beige and all pastel shades, and in the evening with dark or brighter colors such as black, blue or red . The important thing is knowing how to combine it well with your outfit: thanks to its large stone and the 9-carat rose gold setting, this ring certainly does not go unnoticed, but it is good to carefully choose the clothes to match.

The precious and semi-precious stones of the cocktail ring

Which stone to choose for your cocktail ring? The charm of these gems lies in their brilliance and in the different facets of their colour. Bronzallure cocktail rings feature a setting with a romantic allure in 9 carat rose gold which is combined with the preciousness of carefully selected natural stones. It is possible to choose between Amethyst, the stone with a characteristic purple color, whose meaning is linked to balance and peace: having it with you is said to prevent all problems related to insomnia. Citrine is also a stone set in the Bronzallure cocktail model: with an intense yellow colour, this jewel with a simple but refined design is perfect for completing any look and making you special. Finally, here is the Topaz, defined by all as the stone of truth, capable of emanating a strong energy and having beneficial effects on the whole body and mind. With its light blue color, this ring gives charm and elegance to the wearer.

Now that you know all the details about the cocktail ring, in addition to its history and the anecdotes that revolve around this jewel, you also know when it can be used. Both during the day and in the evening, but especially at night as in its origins, you will never go wrong with this jewel! You will know how to stand out in every way, feeling more beautiful even with the simplest look. Now all that remains is to choose which stone best suits your personality and your style to give yourself a one-of-a-kind ring, capable of being remembered for its originality and for the refined simplicity that distinguishes it. A very chic bijoux with a retro flavor, to show off from morning to night and that will take you directly back to the Great Gatsby!

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