Cubic Zirconia perfect alternative to diamond

Cubic Zirconia perfect alternative to diamond

The desire to wear sparkling jewelry and the charm of diamonds are forever: it is good to know how to choose the best alternative to the diamonds. Its value being measured by weight, i.e. in carats as the precious gem extracted from exotic deposits, Cubic Zirconia was born in a laboratory in the second half of the 70s to satisfy the desire for feminine yet accessible jewelry for everyday use. The Altissima collection by Bronzallure best summarizes our philosophy of affordable jewelry: as beautiful as jewels, as easy as accessories, Bronzallure creations can be worn every day with simplicity. They are easy to choose, wear and combine. Cuts like the pavé and micropavé, solitaires, trilogies and patterns for high tech jewels that feature a skillful manufacture and a 100% Italian design: Bronzallure creations are crafted manually in 18 carat rose gold plated Golden Rosè, the patented and proprietary high-tech alloy developed by our Atelier to guarantee all the uniqueness of feminine shades on a unique basis: the precious composition of noble metals becomes even richer thanks to its exclusive finish, a generous 18K rose gold plating, naturally nickel free, cadmium free and hypoallergenic. All the comfort on your skin with unique finishes designed for every day: elegance that does not give up practicality.

New Spring Summer CZ items by Bronzallure: every day sparkle!

It is also important to recognize that not all cubic zirconia are similar: the higher quality versions, such as those mounted on Bronzallure bijoux in combination with natural genuine stones have greater quality, durability and brilliance. Unlike zircon, a natural stone that resembles a diamond but opaque, CZ offers a more graceful alternative whose true nature can only be recognized by chemical heat conduction tests. We carefully select the Cubic Zirconia of our gold-plated jewels and assemble them with refined and expert cuts for maximum elegance and brilliance. Each Bronzallure seasonal collection features novelties in CZ that are designed to combine the high-tech features of our alloy with a modern design, for daily use and for sets that are rich as jewels and simple to combine as accessories. Among the novelties of the Altissima collection by Bronzallure MILANO for Spring Summer, the double circle design set represents a set of daily designs with a graphic charm and elegance: the Altissima double circle necklace offers a refined circular shiny decoration with chain design and details with white CZ micropaves. Also available in the Golden Rosè version with a total black pavé in black spinel, the necklace matches the double circle pendant earrings with white cubic zirconia or black spinels. Choose the charm of the modern design of our Atelier, designed to guarantee everyday use; indulge in the quality alternative to diamond with shiny and pavé creations made with extraordinary finishes, only synonymous with the best Made in Italy.

Knots and CZ: a promise of Love

Spring Summer 2020 news the new Bronzallure knot jewelry, reinterpretation of the brand's best sellers such as the double row ring with CZ knot, the undisputed symbol of a love link and an elegant alternative to rose gold plated classic cocktail rings. The whole knot series, with a bangle bracelet and circle hoop earrings, is an ode to contemporary femininity with pure and decisive lines that combine the absolute modernity of a classic jewelry with a contemporary design touch. As an alternative to the message of the love knot, Bronzallure heart best sellers have a modern design and impeccable pavé: you will love and cherish the asymmetrical pendant of the heart pavé necklace, made with care and attention for details and finishes on a Golden Rose base and with charm bright heart-shaped pendant. All our pave and micropaves are carefully made and have surfaces of soft touch with extreme precision, in which all the wisdom of Made in Italy can be found. Perfect as a gift or purchase on its own, the heart pendant with Cubic zirconia perfectly matches the coordinated heart button earrings for a safe message of love.

Golden Rosè forever classics

The Altissima collection by Bronzallure, like all our rose gold plated creations is designed to offer you a series of bijoux that are simple to select, combine and mix with each other. You cannot miss in your jewelry box the simple but luxurious rolo chain bracelet with CZ: a classic rolo type chain with charm medal B by Bronzallure combines a bright element of a white cubic zirconia micropavé element: expertly covered with bright CZ it offers a perfect luminous detail ideal with the square-shaped designs from the same collection: like the pavé square ring and its pave square matching earrings. Graphic, essential, unique, these bijoux are real passepartout and can be combined with the modern chevalier pavé ring that mounts a circular CZ element on a mother of pearl or black onyx base. Characterized by elevated hardness, the CZ lends itself to different cuts that can replicate the charm and brilliance of the diamond with very precise fidelity. In the basic form it is colorless, but it can also take colors from yellow to pink to replicate the variants of the precious stone it is inspired by. Choosing a jewel has never been easier!

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