Distinctive Women's Rings Beneath the Christmas Tree: Chevalier and Pavé

 A ring undoubtedly ranks among the most cherished gifts to place under the Christmas tree. Symbolizing love and elegance, it's a perfect choice for your wife, girlfriend, best friend, or even yourself. When it comes to Bronzallure rings, the collection offers a variety of options. Why not consider a radiant piece to complement your elegant and sophisticated holiday attire? 

The Bronzallure collection of women rings is impressive to everyone because of their versatility, but among the most popular are undoubtedly the Chevalier and Pavé ring. Resisting their charm is almost impossible and here is why...

The Chevalier Ring: The Story of An Ancient Jewel & Its Symbol of Power

The history of this jewel is ancient and symbolic. Its origins date back to ancient civilizations such as Egypt and Mesopotamia. At this time, its flattened shape was used to seal or sign important documents, when pressed into wax to mark and verify its authenticity. It was a valuable piece of jewelry that had been handed down from one generation to the next, from father to son.

Today this genderless ring is a timeless piece with a strong aesthetic impact making it one of the most popular amongst women. Traditionally, it was customary to wear this ring on the left pinky finger or the ring finger for men. However, in modern times, this tradition is not widely observed.

Selecting a Ring for that Special Woman: Let Pavé Radiate Brilliance

This setting is one of the most loved by all women. It is among the most popular ring to gift during the Christmas holidays especially for its' pavé setting that mimics the Christmas magic and enchanting sparkle of the white snow.

The name "pavé" that refers to the setting, derives from the French terminology and is directly translated to "paved". This precisely describes the manner in which the stones are arranged. Typically these are diamonds or precious stones are placed close to each other and cover the metal on which they are placed. What distinguishes this ring is its multiple rows of petite gems, collectively enhancing the radiance of the jewelry and creating the illusion of larger stones.

Gift-worthy Gold Rings for Women : Bronzallure Pavé and Chevalier Designs

There are no shortage of choices in the Bronzallure collection of chevalier and pavé rings. Somewhere in this collection, there is the perfect ring that serves as an ideal gift for yourself or the person you love. A wide array of options awaits you, allowing you to select a model that perfectly mirrors the personality of the destined wearer: 

  • The Bicolor Chevalier ring : the perfect ring for those who love a romantic and delicate allure, characteristic of the rose gold plated jewels of the Bronzallure collection. The charm of this ring is its two-tone composition: it is possible, in fact, to choose between white pearl and magnesite, a gem with a typical blue color and red fossil wood for a bolder look.


  • The Two Tone Pavé Chevalier Ring: this jewel, is ideal for those who want to combine the elegance of the chevalier with the brilliance of pavé. It comes in three variations: white cubic zirconia or black spinel and semiprecious stone.


  • The Curb Chain Ring in Pavé : the bijoux for those seeking to make an impression, while feeling beautiful adorning a creation that exudes luminance and femininity. With its Golden Rose allure and Cubic Zirconia pavé, this piece is sophisticated and versatile, suitable for all occasions. 


  • The Band Ring with a Pavé Star: this jewel is the perfect gift for those who love intricate and fun details! This Golden Rose ring, plated in 18k rose gold adorned with a star-shaped cubic zirconia detail, is sure to make you stand out and catch everyone's attention.


  • The Maxi Square Pavé Ring: if you have an affinity for geometric designs, this piece is tailor-made for you. Featuring an alluring and modern shape, complemented by the radiant Cubic Zirconia pavé, this ring effortlessly infuses the wearer with style and elegance, all while ensuring comfort and versatility. Whether you're hearing to the office or dining with friends, it's a perfect choice. Plus when layered with other Bronzallure pieces, your brilliance will truly shine through.

Now that you are aware of the specific women's rings from the Bronzallure collection that make ideal Christmas gifts, all that's left is to explore our store and select the perfect model to place beneath the tree. Surprise your loved one or treat yourself to a delightful gift. During the holidays, there's no better time to shine and indulge in your favourite accessories.