The English Crown Jewels, the Royal Family Collection

The collection royal family jewelry it is part of all those precious objects that belong to the British crown, used on special occasions, such as coronations, the opening of Parliament and other state events. In addition to being a symbol of wealth and power, however, jewels are also the perfect vehicle to communicate love, celebrate a friendship or a special occasion!

The jewels of the British royal family: what are they?


The collection includes many of the world's most precious treasures, including King Edward's Imperial Crown, St Edward's Crown, the Sovereign's Orb and the Scepter and Cross. However, there is no shortage of diadems, crowns, brooches, rings, necklaces and other precious ornaments.

The English Crown Jewels they are kept in the Tower of London, which is also open to visitors, but many of the most precious objects are not on public display, since they are reserved for official occasions of the British monarchy.

All the meanings of precious jewels


Royal family jewels have symbolic value associated with English history and culture. Among the main meanings symbolically expressed, we can mention:

  • Social status: in many countries precious jewels have been used as a symbol of social status, such as the crown of a king or queen, an emblem of power and authority.
  • Richness: jewels often symbolize abundance and prestige, especially if they are set with precious stones, such as diamonds.
  • Love and love: many people associate jewels with fundamental feelings of the human soul, such as friendship and passion. The engagement ring and wedding rings, for example, represent the commitment and bond between two people.
  • Spirituality: In some cultures, fine jewelry has deep or religious significance, such as crosses and stars of David, often worn as symbols of faith.
  • Protection: bijoux also represent important protective amulets and talismans, above all thanks to the energy of natural stones.
  • Beauty: a value not to be underestimated which often leads to choosing a jewel also and above all on the basis of one's own taste and style.


Bronzallure jewels in Golden Rose, timeless symbol of femininity


You don't have to be a royal to have access to high-quality jewellery. The Bronzallure brand, in fact, offers a vast selection of elegant and refined bijoux, ideal for expressing one's personality and femininity on every occasion.

The patented Golden Rose alloy gives an intense pink color to each creation, guaranteeing maximum shine and elegance: the 18 kt rose gold plating also gives charm and longevity, returning jewels capable of becoming true style allies. Bronzallure jewelry offers a wide choice of styles and designs, from the classic elegance of pearls to modern and innovative motifs, from formal dinner to office work and leisure.


Precious Bronzallure jewels, to be a "queen" every day


From natural stones with their colored facets, to the timeless elegance of the white pearl, Bronzallure creations defy passing fashions and time, to offer a design that is always up-to-date and in line with everyone's personal style. To enhance every outfit, it is possible to choose from the numerous precious bijoux of the “Altissima” line:

  • Altissima Earrings with Cubic Zirconia: these bijoux with hole are plated in 18 Kt rose gold and have rich lines with a modern and captivating design in precious Cubic Zirconia, which make them the perfect jewel to be worn both alone and with the other creations in the collection.
  • Cubic Zirconia Tennis Necklace: a true evergreen, this crewneck model can be worn in any season, both in summer with tops and low-cut sweaters, and in winter over a colorful turtleneck. The perfect style ally, this necklace is discreet and luminous, even more fascinating when combined with other creations of the same model.
  • Very high ring with Cubic Zirconia: comfortable, but at the same time of unique elegance, this jewel features three rows of Cubic Zirconia and thanks to its captivating design it is perfect for reinterpreting even the most classic look in a contemporary key.

Now you know what are the royal family jewelry english and which iconic models to replicate to feel special, all you have to do is consult our shop to find the creation that best suits your style.

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