Chiara Ferragni jewels at Sanremo 2023, what combinations

Manifesto dresses, a new bob and precious bijoux: also the jewels by Chiara Ferragni in Sanremo they have certainly not gone unnoticed and have embellished the outfits of the digital entrepreneur, chosen to communicate precise messages, from the fight against hatred, violence and sexism.

Important ideas that also showed themselves through the choice of necklaces, earrings and maxi brooches in the gold version, combined with the Dior and Schiaparelli designer clothes with which Chiara Ferragni presented herself at the Festival Della Canzone Italiana. In fact, jewels are perfect amulets for transmitting important values ​​and each choice was based on a particular objective, aimed at raising awareness among the public.

Chiara Ferragni's necklace in Sanremo: the bijoux worn on stage


For the first evening at the Ariston Theater, the influencer chose a black silk corolla dress by Dior, completed by the plaid stole with the slogan "Pensati libera" embroidered and combined with a simple beaded choker, while for the second outfit she opted for a long white dress, with black word embroidery on a white peplum to highlight the sexist phrases against which many women struggle every day. Her dress was styled with a necklace bracelet pattern with pendant, a brilliant choice to enhance the neckline.

For the final, however, Chiara Ferragni asked Daniel Roseberry to create agold armor carved on the breasts and with a large padlock around the neck to embellish the blue Schiaparelli dress, a nuance that has always been associated with the sacredness of motherhood, which in this case was represented as a stereotype of the woman often still seen only as a mother.

The necklaces shown in Sanremo, however, do not end here: the businesswoman in fact showed off, during the last evening, also a long black velvet dress decorated with a necklace in the shape of a uterus and composed of different sections of the female body: an important symbol of reproductive rights activism.


What are Chiara Ferragni's earrings in Sanremo 2023?


Not only important and original necklaces, the Milanese influencer also showed off a collection of earrings that illuminated her face, further highlighting the make-up chosen for the occasion. If for prime time you bet on glittering pendants with colored stones, with an amber and blue hue, combined with the Dior dress covered in rhinestones, for the final she showed off a column dress in shades of gold and blue, which refers to the artist Yves Klein, choosing a maxi earring always in the gold version, as well as the lobe bijoux worn together with the uterus necklace signed by Daniel Roseberry.

Bronzallure gold and Golden Rose jewels for special events

Chiara Ferragni's choice fell on maxi bijoux with a strong visual impact and a contemporary line, designed to inspire and match the entrepreneur's provocative looks. Gold, in its classic nuance as well as in the pink shade, is capable of enhancing every look, from the simplest one for everyday life, to the most romantic and special outfit for occasions that must be remembered.

Furthermore, the iconic models set with natural colored stones, Cubic Zirconia and pearls make the image even more memorable, expressing all the femininity and character of the wearer. Here are some Bronzallure jewelery models to inspire you for your own combinations:

  • Rectangular Link Necklace: with an original and modern design, this creation is 18-karat rose gold plated and is available in three different lengths. It is perfect as a versatile jewel to give to a friend or mother!
  • Golden Rose Necklace with Pearls: this bijoux with Ming pearls features different pink-gold shades that alternate with Golden Rose spheres. It is an elegant jewel and perfect for embellishing the office look, with a jacket and a suit.
  • Round neck with pyramid studs: contemporary and refined, this creation on a Golden Rosé base is embellished with bright studs with a pyramid design.
  • Pendant earring with stones: elegant and sophisticated, this romantic gold-plated bijoux incorporates different types of stones, from Blue Top Sky, to green Prasiolite, Rose de France Amethyst and finally Lemon Quartz.


Now that you know what inspired the creation of Chiara Ferragni's jewels in Sanremo, you can let yourself be conquered by the Bronzallure Collection to find the most suitable bijoux to express the messages you want to convey and your personality!

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