Jewels in movies, the most famous and those preferred by stars


Precious, refined, evocative and colourful. Jewels have always been the best friends of women and actresses, who have worn them in many films, making them iconic and timeless bijoux.

Some have preferred to wear a geometric bracelet for their character and others a necklace with a thousand facets: the jewels in the films have a story to tell and were chosen for their particularities and for the ability to enhance the image of a character.

The famous jewels also represent a model to approach for many ordinary women, who cannot buy such precious jewels, but who have let themselves be inspired in choosing a jewel that makes the heart.

Famous jewels: 6 precious jewels from the history of cinema that are remembered

Rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces: from diamonds to rubies, jewels in the movies have adorned the bodies of splendid actresses, from Grace Kelly to Marilyn Monroe, making themselves remembered.

Symbol of elegance, refinement and timeless beauty, these jewels can today become a source of inspiration for the search for the perfect bijoux.

  1. The diamond ring in "High Society" (1956). The protagonist of this 1956 film is Tracy Samantha Lord, played by a splendid Grace Kelly. This one, she is divorced and fought over by three men: Bing Crosby, John Lund and Frank Sinatra. Precisely in this film, among the beautiful jewels worn by the princess, it is impossible not to remember the Cartier ring with a 10.47-carat diamond and emerald cut, mounted on a platinum structure.


  1. The pearl necklace in “Breakfast at Tiffany's” (1961). How can we forget the iconic scene of this film in which Holly Golightly played by Audrey Hepburn admires the Tiffany window while sipping a coffee and eating a Danish pastry? What remains in our mind are not only Hepburn's large sunglasses and her unmistakable little black dress, but also the necklace created by Roger Scemama. A necklace with five strands of pearls then embellished on the front with a jewel closure.


  1. The snake bracelet in “Cleopatra” (1963). It is precisely on the set of Cleopatra that the legendary love between Liz Taylor and Richard Burton blossomed. Among the jewels that the latter gave the actress over the years there is also a gold bracelet in the shape of a snake and decorated with rubies, emeralds and diamonds. The actress wears it in a shot on the set of the film Cleopatra.
  1. The blue zircon necklace in “Titanic” (1997). Among the protagonists of the film that tells the love story between Rose and Jack, there is also "Heart of the Ocean", a fascinating and almost magical jewel, which kidnapped millions of women during the screening of the film. The necklace, worn by Kate Winslet on set, was made by Londoners Asprey & Garrad: it was inspired by a blue diamond from the French Crown and had a large blue cubic zircon.


  1. The collier with diamonds and rubies in "Pretty Woman" (1990). How can we forget the beautiful Julia Roberts on the streets of New York in the famous film "Pretty Woman"? The actress, who played the protagonist Vivian Ward, wore a white gold and diamonds necklace sprinkled with 23 rubies. In fact, one of the unforgettable scenes of the film is precisely when Richard Gere gives Roberts this necklace. The jewel was made especially for the film and given its high value, during filming there was a guard to check it.


  1. Yellow diamond necklace in "How to get dumped in 10 days" (2003). This is undoubtedly the most expensive jewel ever made for a film and it was necessary to create a dress that perfectly matched such a precious necklace. The bijoux was worn by the actress Kate Hudson: a necklace studded with 84-carat yellow diamonds for a value of five million dollars!


Bronzallure jewels: the perfect bijoux to feel like a star


Of course, not everyone can wear jewels with precious diamonds, rubies and emeralds, just like the actresses of these films. However, this does not prevent you from feeling beautiful with special bijoux, which are able to recall the elegance and timeless style of famous jewels, but which are also perfect to combine with the most looks strong>casual in everyday life.


So here are some models inspired by the classicism of precious stones and jewels in the movies:


  • Necklace with heart pendant in stone: this jewel is rose gold plated with belcher chain and a maxi heart pendant in natural stone. From Rose Quartz to Blue Chalcedony, there are numerous gems to choose from to recreate your perfect heart!


  • Rigid bracelet with Cubic Zirconia: sophisticated and studded with Cubic Zirconia, this jewel in Golden Rose is perfect to be worn with the matching necklace and earrings.


  • Rosary necklace with pearls: the elegance and timeless charm of freshwater pearls is combined in this necklace to the practicality of an ideal model to wear every day, thanks to the 18-karat rose gold-plated chain with shiny spheres.


Now that you know what famous jewels are featured in the movies and how to get inspiration to look for your perfect bijoux, all that remains is to find out which jewel from the Bronzallure collection is the most suitable for your personality and your personal style. This will make you feel elegant and beautiful, like a Hollywood star!

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