Nickel-Free Earrings: Exploring Hypoallergenic Materials

Earrings enhance the face and give light and color to the complexion. Discover the hypoallergenic models and the materials best suited to your needs!

Earrings hold a special place in the hearts of women, transcending age boundaries. When it comes to choosing earrings, Bronzallure offers a wide array of options like pendants, studs, and hoops. However, one common concern that often hinders and worries a client is nickel allergies, a component frequently found in costume jewelry. This is why it's crucial to understand which materials are most compatible with your skin, ensuring you can enjoy exquisite jewelry and add that radiant touch to illuminate your face. Discover Bronzallure nickel free earrings below.

Nickel Free Earrings: Here Are The Materials to Choose

If you have a nickel allergy and are seeking to embrace the latest trends to enhance your style, it's important to note that certain materials have been purposefully crafted to accommodate individuals with this allergy. Hypoallergenic and nickel-free earrings can be crafted from these materials:

  • Sterling silver or sterling silver: alloy composed mainly of silver with the addition of copper.
  • Titanium and surgical steel: hypoallergenic materials, as well as being resistant and safe. 
  • Wood and natural materials
  • Golden Rose: is a Bronzallure alloy that gives life to 18k rose gold-plated jewelry, completely nickel-free.
  • Golden: This Bronzallure alloy is also nickel free and is designed to create earrings with a unique design made of 18k yellow gold plated.

Nickel-Free Earrings: Golden and Golden Rose Alloy  

Gold and Silver are two timeless classics, that are completely versatile and complimentary to an everyday casual look and sporty look. This is why the proprietary Bronzallure alloys were born: Golden, for all those who love the classicism of gold and Golden Rose for the more romantic and feminine clientel in search of an original jewel. In fact, Golden earrings retain all the charm of gold and can also be used on special occasions, while creations in Golden Rose are also suitable for everyday clothing and can also embellish a simple and minimal dress. Golden and Golden Rose jewels give a breath of light and femininity and are also suitable to all those who suffer from allergies, since they are nickel-free and cadmium-free and 100% hypoallergenic.

Hypoallergenic Nickel-Free earrings: Golden Jewelry

Which models from the Golden line would you choose? Visit the Bronzallure shop to hand pick your precious jewel that caters to all your needs. Always remember that your persona style and unique chatter set you apart. Utilize your jewelry as a means to express and showcase these distinctive qualities.