Women's tennis bracelets: the bracelets of summer 2022

With the arrival of summer we all want to shine and highlight our tan. What better way to do it than to illuminate the wrist with precious bracelets that embellish our outfit? Among the bracelets for summer 2022 Women's tennis bracelets are back on trend: an iconic frame symbol of elegance and refinement. Let's find out how to wear them and how to choose them to give ourselves a stylish and characterful look!


How to choose bracelets for summer 2022

Gold, silver or golden rose: for every summer look there is a bracelet waiting for us and the important thing in choosing the material and model is just to have good taste and know how to combine our jewel with every outfit in our wardrobe. Rule number one is do not overdo it! It is known that those who dare too much in the choice of jewelery often forget elegance and sobriety and in summer, when the colors light up and you can dare more, the temptation is strong! So tennis cannot be missing among the trendy bracelets this summer: a timeless model made up of a single row of diamonds or other stones, all of the same size and arranged next to each other.


Summer bracelets: here's why treat yourself to tennis

Among the summer bracelets that should never be missing from a woman's jewelry box there is undoubtedly tennis. The peculiarity of this jewel is its minimal and essential character: its shape is composed of a continuous line of precious stones (diamonds, but also zircons and others) and the clasp disappears when worn, so that it is impossible to distinguish the beginning and end of the bracelet. With its simple elegance, this bijoux adapts to any outfit and occasion, from the most sophisticated to the simplest ones.


The history of the tennis bracelet and its trend

This jewel owes its name to a curious story in which it is the protagonist. Originally, in fact, it was called "eternity bracelet”. The concealed closure of the bracelet, in fact, transformed it into a single thread, without beginning or end, a symbol of eternal love. It was therefore a perfect gift for anniversaries, engagements and special occasions: a symbol of romance and fine elegance. In fact, given its small size, the bracelet is very practical and minimal and is made up of a single row of stones. She started calling herself "tennis bracelet” only since 1987 due to an affair involving the tennis player Chris Evert. The latter, in fact, in the middle of a game she lost her diamond bracelet and had to stop the game to recover all the stones from the field. Immediately afterwards the champion explained that she never separated from that bracelet, precisely because the model was extremely practical as well as being elegant.


How to choose the color of the bracelet

This bracelet model exists in numerous variations. You are spoiled for choice and whether you love bolder outfits and colors or prefer more elegant and sober looks, you will surely find the most suitable tennis bracelet for you. In addition to the rose gold version, you can also choose the classic one  gold with zircons,  or opt for the combination of several tennis bracelets in different colors: a refined and elegant way to give a touch of color to your outfit! Timeless and more elegant than ever even the 18k rose gold plated tennis bracelet embellished with white zircons: an important point of light for your wrist!

Summer bracelets: the "maxi" version is back for the jewel of the summer

Among the trends of summer 2022, in addition to the tennis bracelet, the maxi bracelet, suitable for those who prefer a more extroverted and bold look, perhaps combining clothes with particular fabrics or refined prints. Here too you are spoiled for choice and it is possible to opt for different materials: from leather to silver, but also gold and rose gold. Maxi bracelets, unlike tennis ones, are anything but minimal: they are easily noticed and can be of great impact, even worn together. Perfect for those who love them outfit ethnicity such as caftans, long linen dresses and particular workmanship. You can choose the version soft, more comfortable and practical or that rigid, especially suitable for special occasions. Not to be underestimated is the design of the maxi bracelet: it can stand out not only for its colour, but above all for its geometries like a rounded and shiny link made up of domed rose gold rings o one rigid bracelet with braided design.

Now that you know the latest trends for bracelets for summer 2022, all that remains is to choose from the Bronzallure shop the most suitable bracelet to your occasions. Color, design and style: everything must represent your taste and character when choosing this jewel. You will be able to treat yourself to the timeless tennis bracelet if you are a lover of simplicity and practicality and you don't want to have a jewel on your wrist that is too demanding, or opt for a maxi bracelet if you have a extroverted soul and you love to dare when it comes to looks. The choice is yours!