Do you know the meaning of gemstones in jewelry?

Natural stones are the protagonists of the jewels most loved by women: there are so many of them, of varied colors and shades. Resisting their charm is impossible especially if you think that each stone has a precise meaning and that is why many people choose them as a gift for their loved ones. In fact, each gem is suitable for a different type of personality and it is said that it can help the wearer to overcome some difficulties and to incorporate optimism and vitality. Here are the best known gems and the meaning of precious stones.

Gemstones: a list and meaning

What are the main precious gems used in jewelery for the production of rings, bracelets and earrings and which personalities are more suitable for wearing them? Among the most used we certainly find:

  • Rose quartz: the stone for the romantic personality
  • Green Agate: suitable for the creative woman
  • White Agate: for more balanced and zen personalities
  • Amazonite: the stone to wear for the most confident and resolute
  • The Tiger's Eye: the gem that adapts to the determined personality
  • Melange Gray Quartz: a perfect stone for a reserved woman
  • The Milky Aquamarine: the gem that the most thoughtful can wear
  • Smoky Quartz: the stone that adapts to the sunniest souls
  • Striated Agate: a gem that can be worn by strong personalities
  • Malachite: a gem for natural optimists

Each precious stone, therefore, holds a symbolic value and a profound meaning that is not always known by those who choose it.

Meaning of stones: Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Magnesite, Mother of Pearl

The meaning of precious stones hides behind their charm and beauty. Rose Quartz, for example, is a stone widely used in the manufacture of jewels, since different colors used for the earrings creation, rings and necklaces. A gem much loved for its soft pink hue, which gives elegance and romance to every jewel worn. It is also said that rose quartz has various properties and that this stone not only helps to find inner strength, but also stimulates concentration and improves communication.

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