Lucky stones, which ones to keep with you?

By now we know, crystals are useful in meditation, but they can be very special lucky stones to always carry with you to have a good dose of energy and positivity even in everyday life. Then there are those who want to have greater financial success or those who dream of a more adventurous and satisfying love life. But do stones really have this positive influence on our lives? If so, to choose the right one you need to know its power. In fact, it is said that with their properties they can help to achieve success and prosperity and crystal therapy also confirms this.. Their peculiarity lies in activating energy fields by directing and focusing man's actions. In this way we feel more centered and consequently it is inevitable that things around us then happen differently. Here then is a collection of stones that bring good luck and that can be worn as real amulets to always have positive energy with you.

Stones bring good luck to your finances: here's which one to choose

By freeing specific energy fields, the stones are able to help you focus more on your goals and for this reason they can ensure greater success in work and career, making the your finances. Here are the essential stones that can bring you money:

  • Aventurine Quartz: with its characteristiclight green colour, this stone set for example in a necklace can give protection to the wearer, especially if you love putting your finances at risk. It will help you take better care of your savings, risking less.
  • Topaz: This mineral is very similar in structure to zircon, but is known for its healing and beneficial properties. Since ancient times it has been said that yellow topaz is the one that most of all attracts wealth and supports your willpower, making you save more. A ring with topaz is just what you need to give yourself if you want to bring benefits to your finances!
  • Pyrite: this very common mineral is especially suitable for those who are experiencing a situation of economic difficulty and want to get out of it. Its influence will not only make you make better decisions, but will also curb your irrational impulse.
  • Jade: known as lucky stone par excellence, it can be of great help when you have to make important decisions in the financial field or if you want to accept a new job. Always keep it with you in a lucky necklace, not you will regret it!
  • Sapphire: a very famous and much loved crystal for its prestige. Its influence is said to help earn back lost money or when opening a new business. Better to take measures and treat yourself to a necklace with sapphires!

Luck in love: here are the 5 stones to choose

If money is not a concern for you right now, but you are looking for a romantic love story that makes your heart beat, then there are amulets that can help you with this too, instilling in you courage, hope and self-esteem. Here are the stones that bring luck in love:

  • Rose Quartz: ideal for a lucky earring, this stone with its characteristic pink color it stimulates love, not only between two people, but also towards oneself, increasing one's self-esteem.
  • Morganite: an ideal stone not only for those in search of Prince Charming, but also for those who have already found him but are experiencing a crisis situation in their relationship. In fact, the power of Morganite is said to be that of attracting love in large quantities. So treat yourself to a ring with this stone can always be a good solution!
  • Diamond:undoubtedly the king in gems, it is used to represent an indissoluble love promise. It is one of the hardest natural substances in nature and for this reason it has become a symbol of faithful and lasting love. If you want to show your love, there's nothing better than a ring with diamond.
  • The Ruby: the color of this stone already recalls the passion of love. With an intense red color, this stone is said to release a strong sexual energy by increasing the desire in the wearer. Always wear a necklace with ruby stones to experience unforgettable nights!
  • The Emerald is another stone used as a good luck charm in love and often given as a gift to the person you want to bond with. It favors not only loyalty and happiness in the couple, but above all a healthy balance. A emerald necklace can be the gift perfect for trying to keep the one you love close.

Now that we know which are the stones that bring luck in the financial and love fields, all that remains is to choose the one that best suits us and give it to us to attract optimism and positivity in our life. What better way than to do that than with a piece of jewelry? The natural stones set in the Bronzallure collections are the perfect amulet to be given and thus seal a great friendship or lasting love. Shapes with a unique design and precious stones that give an almost magical allure to independent women with a strong personality, who never stop dreaming.


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